Are you flying across continents? Taking that really long trip. Yes, that one where you were so jet lagged that you almost napped in the business meeting! Or spent the entire week at your cousin’s place with a sleepy head.

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Long flights can be tough. Worse, they can be traumatizing if you aren’t prepared for them and do not plan in advance. It is exhausting to experience a 12-hour flight once but try doing it three times a month. This might change your frequent flyer status to frequently frustrated flyer. However, there is a way to escape this trouble. Read ahead to know 5 essential travel tips for long-distance flyers.

  1.       Planning the long-distance flight journey

A long-distance journey can seem more time-consuming if you do not plan it well. For example, consider you are flying from Mumbai to Los Angeles. Since there are no direct flights available you are left with two options; one is to take a break at Qatar and the other is to halt at London.

You will reach Qatar in four hours from Mumbai but it will take 16 hours to reach from Qatar to Los Angeles. However, if you choose London as a stopover, your Mumbai to London journey will be 10 hours and London to LA duration will be 11 hours. It is clear that those who hate long flights must not choose the 16-hour flight! Breaking your journey smartly can lessen the fatigue.

  1.       Pre-flight Activities

It goes without saying that you should make an effort to reach the airport early and finish all the formalities as early as possible. One shouldn’t take the traffic situation in the cities lightly. It can get highly unpredictable at times, for example – in Bengaluru.

Some people need extra leg room on a long flight. Pre-book your seats if you are fussy about a window seat, an aisle seat, and especially if you do not want the middle seat.

  1.       Comfort first

It is a different thing to sit uncomfortably during a short journey. But when it comes to a flight that is more than eight hours, you should give special attention to your comfort. Sleep masks, travel pillows, blankets, etc., take whatever makes you comfortable.

  1.       Entertainment Quotient

Nowadays, international airlines do have a wide variety of in-flight entertainment options in the form of movies, music videos, documentaries, etc. Their music library is also decent. But for how long can you keep staring at a screen or keep your earphones on? How about carrying a book? Good for the eyes, good for the brain, kills time and doesn’t cost much.

  1.   Overseas Travel Insurance

Last point and possibly the most important of them all is overseas travel insurance. You can purchase travel insurance online or offline. Few years ago, you only had the option of purchasing it offline via agents or from a travel insurance company’s branch. Nowadays, you can opt for travel insurance online for insuring your trip against perils such as missed flight, loss of baggage, loss of passport, etc. Unlike the offline method, travel insurance online is convenient, easy, and quick.

Buy travel insurance online

You can buy travel insurance online by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1 – Visit your preferred travel insurance website

Step 2 – Share trip details such as date, number of passengers to be insured, destination, etc.

Step 3 – Select your plan (coverage and premium)

Step 4 – Make the payment

Step 5 – Download policy after payment is processed

Long trips mean more chances of mishaps. And if you are a frequent flyer the frequency of travel risks faced by you also increase. Thus, travel insurance is a must. You can opt for travel insurance as per your needs. For example – Multi-trip Insurance, Senior Citizen Insurance, etc. whichever policy you choose, make sure to go through the terms and conditions carefully.

Fly safe, stay insured!

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