When a woman sets out on a trip alone, there is a lot of skepticism involved. This could mean a red flag from family members, friends or the woman herself. Safety is the top concern. If the destination is considerably “safe for women,” the next cause of concern is how will she manage everything on her own?

5 Travel Insurance Tips for Solo Women Travelers - Acko

If you are a woman with a recently unleashed passion for traveling, your  entire solo trip can become a fulfilling experience. Here if you think about everyone other than your sheer enjoyment, you could lose out on what could be your happiest moments in life. If you have overcome your inhibitions, read on to find some useful tips that will help you while traveling alone.

Tips for women solo travelers

#1 Get familiar with the local language

As soon as you decide to visit a particular location, start learning basic sentences that will help you while traveling. Consider getting familiar with the local translations of words like hello, thank you and bye. Also, sentences like: 

  • “How can I reach (location)?”
  • “Where is the market?”
  • “Where can I get the best local food?”
  • “How much do I need to pay you?”
  • “I need help”
  • “Please help me calling (number)”

Various translation apps are also available to help you out in specific situations. As most people are courteous towards their tourists, you may not have to work hard on learning the entire language. The basics should suffice.

#2 Carry minimum luggage

Since you are traveling solo, you would not want to get burdened with a ton of luggage. Carry the bare minimum or essentials that you absolutely require while traveling. These could include your medications, documents, basic clothes, etc. Carrying more will only be a burden. Consider buying other things from the local market and discard them at the end of your trip.

#3 Keep in touch with your loved ones

No one can be 100% sure of safety while traveling in an alien region. This makes it even scarier when one is traveling alone. Remember that taking care of own safety is necessary irrespective of your gender. Thus, it is important that your loved ones are kept informed. We are not suggesting you update every second of your travel and defy the purpose of your trip. At least let someone know back home how you are doing, which area you are in and that you are safe.

#4 Be cautious

Traveling in an unknown land can pose its own threats. You need to be very cautious about your safety. As mentioned above, keep in touch with your loved ones and be cautious about your surroundings. Don’t share your personal details with people you hardly know. Use common sense and don’t over trust just because they are being nice with you. Before using private services like hiring a driver, or staying in a local motel be sure to make a background check. It is better to take precaution than repenting later.

#5 Get travel insurance cover

The above points will be helpful in terms of being physically safe, however for perils other than those, buying a travel insurance policy will be very helpful. Travel insurance will safeguard you against financial damages arising out of situations like medical emergencies and hospitalization,  trip cancellations, loss of baggage, emergency evacuation, and much more. In case you face an unfortunate event, you can contact your travel insurance company in India and get the required help.

How to Buy Travel Insurance Online?

It is very easy to buy travel insurance online. All you need to do is first determine your exact requirements based on the nature of your trip. Then go online and compare a bunch of policies that suit your requirements. Check for feature-rich travel insurance in India. Also, check for the services offered by the insurer, they should be useful and accessible while you travel. Next, fill the necessary details and make the payment. Your policy will be instantly generated and sent to your inbox within minutes.

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