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5 Benefits of Comparing Car Insurance Online

Team AckoJul 22, 2021

When it comes to buying car insurance policies, you have lots of choices. There are more than a dozen insurance companies offering car insurance online. As such, you have a choice of multiple car insurance policies to buy from. How then do you choose the best car insurance policy for your car?

The answer is simple, through car insurance comparison. Out of the numerous car insurance policies available, you can choose the best plan when you compare car insurance policies online before buying. Since insurance companies offer car insurance online, comparing also becomes easier and convenient.

Benefits of Comparing Car Insurance Online

5 Benefits of Comparing Car Insurance which you should know

1. You can choose a policy with the best coverage benefits

The coverage benefits in almost all car insurance plans are primarily similar. However, besides the common coverage benefits, different policies offer different value-added benefits to attract customers. In some policies you can find inbuilt add-ons while in others you can find free towing facility or another unique coverage benefit. These value add-ons increase the scope of coverage and make the policy better than the others. When you compare, you can find out which policies offer additional coverage benefits and can therefore opt for a comprehensive policy.

2. You can save on the premium costs

Every car insurance policy is priced differently. To find the policy which has the lowest premium rate without compromising on the coverage, comparing is essential. When you compare you can see the premiums charged by the different policies vis-à-vis their coverage benefits and then choose the best deal.

3. You can make your claim settlements easier

Car insurance comparison also enables you to simplify your claim settlements. You can compare the number of cashless garages tied-up with the insurance company to choose the company with the widest network of garages. You can also compare the claim settlement ratio of different insurers and choose a company with a higher ratio to increase your chances of claim settlements. Lastly, you can compare the claim settlement process of various insurers and choose a company with the easiest claim process. All these factors would ensure an easy and speedy claim settlement.

4. You can shop for discounts

Did you know car insurance policies offered different premium discounts? Yes, there are discounts for being a member of a reputed automobile association, installing safety devices in your car, buying the policy online, etc. All these discounts lower the premium payable. The rate of these discounts varies across companies and if you want to shop for the highest possible rates, comparing of car insurance policies is the only way.

5. Most convenient insurance experiences

Digital insurers have changed the way the insurance industry functions. Nowadays, there is a lot of convenience involved in the insurance experience. Unlike few years ago, you can purchase a policy without any physical documentation. Digital insurers have made the insurance experience simple, easy, and convenient. Thus, when you compare car insurance policies, you can have a look at the policies offered by new-age insurers for a hassle-free insurance experience.

Everything you buy you buy after a lot of shopping around so why should your car insurance policy be any different. Buying car insurance online is simple and when you compare before buying, you end up with the best policy available in the market. Given the fact that car insurance policies are compulsory, shouldn’t you buy the policy which has the most coverage benefits, low premium rates and easy claim settlement procedures? You should and to do so, you have to follow only one mantra – compare.


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