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6 Tips to Get Your Car Winter Ready

Team AckoDec 2, 2021

The winter season can take a toll on your car and your driving. Just as you take precautionary measures during the monsoon, it is suggested to be proactive regarding avoiding risks during the winter season as well.

Tips to Get Your Car Winter Ready

Here are some tips to help you get your car winter ready. Note that the intensity of the tips provided will vary depending upon your geographical location. However, the basics shall remain the same.

  • No Skidding

Roads can turn extremely slippery during the winter season. Your car’s tires will help to maintain a proper grip while driving on slippery roads. Such a strong grip becomes all the more important while braking and turning. Make sure that your tires aren’t worn out. This way, you will avoid skidding and have a smooth ride during the winter season.

  • Let There Be Light

Visibility becomes low in cold conditions, especially in hilly areas. Fog makes it difficult for you to see what’s ahead. Similarly, other cars also find it difficult to notice your car. This is where headlights, fog lights and indicator lights play an important role. They come in handy not just for you to see the road ahead but also to give the right signals to the car behind you.

  • Cover It Up

Those residing in snowy areas should make sure to cover their car and not let it be exposed to snow fall. Parking it in an area that has a roof is a good idea. Avoid parking the car in the open. You can even keep the car’s interiors cozy by choosing proper seat covers and cushions. Keep a jacket, gloves, etc., handy in your car to feel comfortable.

  • Keep It Running

Do not abandon your car during wintertime. Start the car’s engine periodically to keep it running. This will ensure that the engine stays warm. It can get difficult to start an engine if it has not been started for a prolonged period during the winter season. The car’s battery can die in such a situation. Therefore, it is suggested that even if you do not take a car out on a drive, at least start the engine regularly and let it ‘breathe’ for a while.

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  • Servicing Time

Get your car serviced just before the start of winter. The mechanic can take a look at the coolant, engine oil, and other such fluids and suggest measures to keep the car in prime condition during the cold months. If there are any issues, they can be sorted during servicing. Otherwise, they might go unnoticed and pose a threat later, causing considerable damage.

  • Get Car Insurance Add-ons

Strengthen your Comprehensive Car Insurance plan with Roadside Assistance and Engine Protection Add-ons. Roadside Assistance will take care of the car if it is stranded during a journey due to a minor/major issue. The Insurer will send help and you can breathe easy. The Engine Protection Cover is specifically designed to protect the most important part of a car, the engine. Thus, going for it during the policy purchase process is worth it. Those looking for new car insurance can also purchase the Zero Depreciation Add-on that negates the depreciation aspect while settling claims. This Add-on is beneficial for new car insurance policies (0 to 5 years old cars).

  • Renew Your Car Insurance

While many car owners might be aware about purchasing car insurance, not many know that one needs to renew car insurance before its expiry. Failing to renew car insurance before its expiry will leave you uninsured, get you in legal trouble, and expose you to financial losses in case of mishaps involving your car. You can make use of a car insurance calculator to find the right balance between coverage, premium, and your budget. Digital insurers have nowadays integrated a car insurance calculator in their car insurance purchase journey itself so that you can insure your car easily and conveniently.

Enjoy the winter season, drive safely, and stay insured.


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