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8 Tips to Qualify for Discounts in Car Insurance

Team AckoJul 22, 2021

Car insurance is vital. Legally, you cannot drive a car unless it is insured. As a result, you need to look for a good policy when you buy a car. However, the cost factor should also be kept in mind. This is why you need to search for deals and discounts when you buy a new car insurance plan. Your ideal plan should be wide-ranging, yet affordable.

Thankfully, there are some ways in which you can lower your car insurance costs. Look out for discounts in your car insurance quotes and you will end up with a profitable deal. Read on to know more.

Handy Car Insurance Discount Tips

  1. Join an automobile association: Before you buy a new car insurance policy, consider joining a registered automobile association. Members of such associations usually qualify for car insurance discounts. So, if you are looking for a legitimate and hassle-free way to get a discount on your car insurance quote, do consider this option.

  2. Look for the correct policy: Many people end up spending money unnecessarily on car insurance mainly for one reason. This dangerous reason is choosing the incorrect form of motor insurance. Motor insurance is available in two types – third party and comprehensive. A comprehensive plan is all-inclusive, but more expensive as compared to a third-party plan.  A comprehensive cover is productive for a relatively new car but it might be useful for old cars. So, analyze your requirements and buy the type of car insurance you need. You may end up with big savings.

  3. Calculate your IDV properly: If your vehicle is two years old, you will not need a new car insurance cover. This is because a new car is more valuable, but your two-year-old car has depreciated in value. You must therefore calculate the IDV of the car. The IDV lowers your car insurance premium, so you must have it calculated accurately.

  4. Use your NCB: If you have some No Claim Bonus (NCB) lying in your kitty, don’t forget to use it when you renew car insurance online India. The NCB can significantly lower your overall car insurance costs.

  5. Adjust your deductible: When you buy a new car insurance cover, make sure you adjust the deductible yourself. If you are confident of your driving skills, opt for a higher deductible and your premium will come down.

  6. Install safety gadgets: Install some anti-theft gadgets in your car. This will make it less vulnerable to thefts. Your insurer’s risk will also reduce and they might reward you with a discount on the car insurance quote.

  7. Adjust your riders: Riders are very handy, but you need to pay extra for them. It is thus important for you to see which riders are actually of use. Don’t buy riders unless you need them. This will also pull down your overall motor insurance expenses. For example, a Passenger Cover might not be beneficial for you if you travel alone.

  8. Compare: Last but not the least, you need to compare car insurance online India. This is the fastest and the most efficient way to find car insurance discounts. You will be able to locate the best plans at the best rates only if you compare your options.

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The aim here is to get your car insurance plan at a lower rate. So, keep all the points mentioned above in mind and you will surely end up with savings. You will also have the perfect insurance cover for your precious vehicle.


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