People often visit other countries for work, vacation or to visit their loved ones. This could require them to take a road trip. If public transport is not an option, renting a car could be a good idea. But to do so, one requires a document which authorizes them to drive a vehicle on foreign soil.

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An Indian Driving license might not be enough to rent a car. You will require a supporting document. This is where an International Driving License (IDL) comes into the picture. If you have a few questions regarding an IDL, take a look at the following FAQs:

What is an International Drivers License?

An International Driving License is a multi-language translation of your Indian driving license. It is an official document required by law that permits a person to drive a private vehicle in any country or jurisdiction that recognizes it. A number of countries recognize an International Driving License. These countries will you to drive only a specific type of vehicle that you are eligible for driving as per your driving license.

How to apply for an International Driving License?

An International Driving License is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) or the Automobile Association of India. These are the authorities recognized by the Government of India for issuing an International Driving License.

What are the documents required to get an International Driving License?

You will require the following set of documents while applying for this document.

  • Application forms

Duly filled International Driving License online forms if you are applying online. You will require the CMV–4, CMV 1 and CMV1-A forms. You can download the International Driving License online forms for your application from the RTO’s website.

  • Valid Driving License

The authenticity of your driving license will be cross-checked by the authorities.

  • Address Proof

Carry a proof of address which is already mentioned on your driving license. Also, carry two attested copies. An address proof can be your Aadhaar card, utility bills or the passport.

  • Identity Proof

You will be asked to provide a photo identity proof. Carrying an attested copy of your birth certificate is an added bonus. An identity proof can be your Aadhar card, PAN card or passport.

  • Passport

You need to provide your passport. Keep some attested photocopies of your passport handy.

  • Visa

It is advisable to apply for the International Driving License after you receive the visa as it is one of the important documents required at this time.

  • Ticket

Carry attested copies of the air tickets.

Along with the above, you will require a letter addressed to the RTO seeking the authorization for your International driver’s license. Mention details like the destination, duration of your stay and also the purpose of your visit.

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How long does it take for this process to complete?

You will be issued the International Driving License within 2 to 7 working days from the time you complete the application process.

What is the validity of an International Driving License?

An International Driving License (IDL) is valid for one year from the date of issuance. You can apply for another IDL if the validity expires.

Can I get an International Driving License on my Learning License?

It is advised that you apply for an IDL on a permanent driving license as the validity of a learning license is short.

What is the fee for International Driving License In India?

You will be required to pay around Rs. 1000 at the time of applying for an IDL.

What is the benefit of the International Driver’s License?

The benefit of having an International Driving License is that you can rent a vehicle on foreign land. You do not have to hire a chauffeur and can drive by yourself. An IDL can be used along with a car license issued in your home country.

Is an International Driving License required in all countries?

No, some countries allow you to rent and drive a car on your Indian Driving license. If you are traveling to such countries, you do not have to apply for the IDL separately.

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