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All You Need To Know About Cashless Hospitalization

Team AckoJul 22, 2021

Cashless health insurance is a very popular component of health insurance in general. It allows you to get treated at a hospital without having to make huge payments, provided you have no unpaid premiums. Take a look at this article to understand how such a plan works and who can benefit from it.

Cashless Hospitalization Health Insurance

Salient features of cashless hospitalization

  • Nature of hospitalization: You can opt for the cashless feature in both situations – if you have a planned hospitalization or an emergency hospital stay. There are some different clauses associated with the two, and you should be aware of the process.

  • Process: Let us explore the two hospitalization options for cashless health insurance:

    • Planned hospitalization: If you plan to get hospitalized, for say surgery or any other procedure, you have to inform your insurance provider beforehand. You must get admitted to a network hospital. Your insurer will give you a list of the network hospitals when you buy the health insurance plan. You have to download the pre-authorization form and get it signed by the hospital authorities before you get admitted. Submit the form to the TPA (third-party administrator) and your bill amount will consequently be settled by the insurer.

    • Emergency hospitalization: In case of an emergency, you need to show the medical insurance card to the hospital. You will then be given a form by the TPA that you need to fill out. If you need the bill clearance immediately, you can pay the amount yourself and get it reimbursed by your insurer later on.

  • Role of TPA: The TPA is a designated person employed by the insurance company to assist you with the cashless health insurance process. The TPA provides every policyholder with a card that contains the policy number and other details related to your health insurance plan. This card is used to process a cashless claim. A TPA, therefore, works as a medium between you and the insurance provider and helps you to get the cashless claim processed.

Benefits of Cashless Hospitalization

Let us take a look at some of the main benefits of cashless health insurance:

  • Peace of mind: You can simply walk in and walk out of the hospital without having to bother about the economic liabilities. If you pay your medical insurance premium on time, you will be assured of getting the cashless feature when a need arises.

  • Brings quality healthcare within your reach: You can afford to walk into the best hospital in town (provided it is a network hospital) and get medical assistance for your ailment. Your insurance provider will take care of the bills and you can focus only on getting better.

  • Simple and convenient: If you have all the documents in place and follow the correct steps, the cashless claim will be processed without any hassles whatsoever. It is a very quick and easy type of health insurance claim that you can get in a completely effortless manner.

  • Many options to choose from: Most of the top health insurance providers in India offer the cashless facility along with their health insurance plans. You can, therefore, find many options when choosing a cashless mediclaim policy. Choose wisely and get the best possible cover for yourself and your family.

These are the main advantages of getting this type of health insurance coverage. So do consider getting a cashless cover when you buy your health insurance plan.

The bottom line

Look for a good health insurance cover and stay protected at all times. Opt for the cashless feature because it proves to be very beneficial in the long run. As you saw, you can use this feature for a planned as well as emergency hospitalization. So get all-around protection by getting the most suitable cashless health insurance policy.


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