One of the primary responsibilities of every citizen is to have proper knowledge important traffic rules and regulations that are in place in the country, regardless of whether they are in the driver’s seat or not. Road rage is one of the main causes of undue disturbances in our country today, and traffic congestion are a well-known issue throughout.

The traffic police of Ahmedabad, Gujarat has put in place several traffic rules and regulations to do their part towards the prevalent situation. It is our responsibility to adhere to these rules and regulations, not just for fear of punishment, but to help move forward in the right direction, for the safety and well-being of all.

Here are some of the most serious penalties that you should know about:

Driving Underage

The acceptable age is a minimum of 18 years for a four-wheeler vehicle, and a valid driving license is a must. Underage driving attracts a fine of Rs. 300 in Ahmedabad.

Driving Above The Speed Limit

Viewed with the utmost severity, this offence leads to a fine of Rs. 300 for the driver, and up to Rs. 200 if a passenger is deemed responsible for forcing the driver to speed unnecessarily.

Driving Without A License

Viewed as a highly serious offence, this leads to a fine of Rs. 300 as stipulated by the traffic rules of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Violations of this rule include failure to adhere to the rules stipulated according to the learner’s license, driving after a license has expired, driving before applying for a license or driving without authentic license.

Driving While Intoxicated

The standard rule of driving is known to be to not drink and drive, and those who fail to follow this rule face a court appearance or a hefty fine.

Driving A Vehicle That Pollutes Excessively

If deemed responsible for violating standards that are associated with pollution standards, fines of up to Rs. 500 may be levied at the discretion of the traffic police of Ahmedabad.

All the fines are currently under question, as a new bill that is being debated has proposed increase in the amount of fines collected by almost ten times for every offence.

The current list of fines for the various offences in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is as follows:

OffenceFINE (in Rs.)
Disobeying lawful direction (disrespect / disobedience to a person in authority as deemed by law)150
Causing or permitting any person to drive a vehicle:
(a) without a driving license300
(b) without a transport vehicle authorization150
(c) When underage300
(d) in breach of condition of learner's license150
Driving a Vehicle:
(a) without a driving license300
(b) without a transport vehicle authorization150
(c) When underage300
(d) in breach of condition of learner's license150
Driving at excessive speed300
Causing driver to drive at excessive speed200
Driving at a speed dangerous to the public350
Driving in a manner dangerous to the public500
Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive150
Permitting or taking part in a race trial of Speed without written consent of the State Government300
Driving a vehicle with emission of smoky exhaust100
Driving a two-wheeler or three wheelers which uses Kerosene or diesel or any other chemical not meant to be used as fuel in the vehicle200
Violations of the standards related to control of noise100
Violations of the standards related to control of air-pollution400
Violations of the standards related to control of road safety500
Driving a motor cycle that is not registered100
Driving a three-wheeler vehicle that is not registered150
Driving any other light motor vehicle that is not registered250
Driving any other motor vehicle when not properly registered500
Riding two wheelers without valid insurance100
Driving three wheelers without valid insurance200
Driving any other light motor vehicles without valid insurance300

Rules that should be obeyed while driving a four-wheeler in Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

  1. Do not drink and drive. It is rightly one of the most propagated road rules, and every responsible citizen should adhere to this, not just too avoid fines, but for their own safety.
  2. Ensure that your vehicle is correctly registered and up to date with insurance policies. Carry documents to prove this at all times, as you are required to provide these to an authority whenever requested. Failure to prove the validity of your insurance status can lead to hefty fines and even court appearances in some cases.
  3. Do not use your mobile while driving. Pull over and converse if it is an emergency, but never allow yourself to get distracted while driving as it can lead to possibly fatal consequences.
  4. Follow lane discipline, and do not cut signals. Ensure you park in designated areas only, and always wear your seat belts. Safety should always come first, and a clear majority of traffic congestions can be reduced if the citizens follow the rules and signals in place properly.

Rules that should be obeyed while driving a two-wheeler in Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

  1. Do not over speed or go drag racing, and do not encourage others to do so either. A number of serious incidents in this regard show that it can lead to fatal situations, which could have easily been avoided.
  2. Wear your helmet and make sure your vehicle is up to date in all safety measures. A malfunctioning part can cause gruesome incidents, and this should be avoided at all cost. If you are found to be riding a vehicle that is not fit for the road, heavy fines can be levied.
  3. Carry only one passenger at a time, and ensure that the pillion rider adheres to all safety rules and regulations as well. Failure to do so can lead to fines and reprimands for not just the rider, but for the passenger as well.


Owner of a Porsche Car Fined Rs.9.8 Lakh For Driving Without a Number Plate

– November 30, 2019

In what could probably be one of the highest fines on a car for traffic violations, a Porsche 911, which is a luxury sports car, was reprimanded for not having a number plate. Traffic police slapped a fine of Rs.9.8 lakh. Also, the owner of the Porsche 911 did not have valid documents. The fine was slapped for not having a number plate as well as for not having valid documents. The Ahmedabad traffic police, through their official Twitter handle, tweeted that during a routine checking a Porsche 911 was detained for not having a number plate and valid documents. Vehicle and driver documents are mandatory to be carried while commuting on public roads. The New MV Act, 2019 has increased traffic fines steeply in an effort to discourage commuters from violating traffic rules.

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