Traffic Rules and Violations in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Owning a car is no more considered luxury. It has become a standard part of the modern city life. The ever-growing population and overcrowded public transportation facility has compelled people into desiring and driving their own vehicle. Unfortunately, in spite of various laws and enactments related to vehicle and road safety, numerous road traffic accidents especially traffic rules and traffic violations in Bengaluru, Karnataka, have become increasingly prevalent. If you are ever involved in any type of minor or major car accident, you can speak to your legal expert who will guide you through various procedures you need to follow related to fines and claiming compensation with the insurance company, police and the legal system. As a citizen of the country and the state, however, it is also your responsibility to be aware of the rules in place for your own safety.

Significant traffic signs and rules in Bengaluru, Karnataka

  1. Driving under any influence of prohibited drugs or alcohol. An incredibly dangerous act, this is looked upon seriously by the authorities in Bengaluru, and can result in a court fine and suspension of license.
  2. Driving at a high speed and thereby violating the board signs that display the prescribed speed limit. Over speeding is a serious cause of accidents in Bengaluru, and is dealt with seriously in the case of two wheelers as well as four wheelers. Fines range between Rs. 300 to more than Rs. 500.
  3. Using your mobile phone while driving is violation under the law. A serious distraction and a cause of many issues, this attracts a minimum fine of Rs. 100 can even lead to the suspension of a driving license.
  4. Driving without a helmet / seat belt. As a safety precaution, the rules now state that it is compulsory for both the rider and the pillion rider to wear helmets, and both the front seat (driver and passenger) in cars to wear seat belts. This attracts a fine of minimum Rs. 100, and subsequent higher penalties.
  5. Driving without a license. A serious offence, this leads to a fine of Rs. 300 (two wheeler) and Rs. 400 (four wheeler). Subsequent violations may result in further more serious consequences.

New policies that are expected to be implemented shortly are likely to see these fines increase greatly, with much more serious consequences resulting from violations of the traffic rules and regulations in place in Bengaluru.

Here are some of the important traffic offences and their fines that are in place in Bengaluru:

Dangerous Driving on a Two Wheeler300
Dangerous Driving in a Non-Transport Vehicle(White Board)400
Dangerous Driving in a Transport Vehicle(Yellow Board)500
Driving above the speed limit300
Racing & trails of speed500
Drunken DrivingCourt Fine
Parking in a No Parking zone100
Demanding Excess Fare & refusal to come for hire etc., by Autoricksaw Driver or Taxi DriverFirst time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offences 300/-
Defective Fare Meter in a transport vehicle100
Emitting Black Smoke (Pollution)100
Usage of Shrill Horn100
Driving Without PermitCourt Fine
Driving Without Driving License (Two Wheeler)300
Driving Without Driving License (Non-Transport Vehicle – Four Wheeler)400
Driving underage500
Jumping Traffic Signal100
Cutting Yellow Lane/Lane Discipline100
Defective Number Plate100
Driving Without Insurance Certificate500
Driving with a Defective Head Light100
Driving Without Tail Light100
Driving any Motor Vehicle without number plateFirst time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offences 300/-
Holding / using Mobile Phone while Driving / riding a Vehicle100
Not wearing Helmet while riding the 2Wheel Vehicle100
Triple riding (Two wheeler)100
Using Black Film/Other MaterialsFirst time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offences 300/-
Not Wearing Helmet - Pillion Rider100
Driving without wearing Seat Belt100
Wrong Parking + Towing charges(2Wheeler)750
Wrong Parking + Towing charges (Car / Three wheelers)1100

Rules that should be obeyed while driving a four wheeler in Bengaluru:

  1. Never drink and drive. It is not only unsafe for you, but also very risky for others on the road.
  2. Carry all your documents. Driving an unregistered vehicle calls for a hefty fine, and you can be booked for this even if your vehicle is registered, if you do not have adequate proof. Keep all required documents with you at all times, and produce them whenever asked.
  3. Do not use your phone while driving. A few seconds’ distraction on your mobile phone could divert your attention and result in a major accident.
  4. Extend cooperation with other vehicles by properly giving and following hand and motor signals. Always drive safely and calmly.
  5. Always wear a seatbelt when you are in the car’s driving seat.

Rules that should be obeyed while driving a two wheeler in Bengaluru:

  1. While riding your bike, you must carry your driving license, Insurance Papers, RC book, regular PUC certificate and tax document.
  2. Do not forget to wear a proper fitting helmet while riding a motor bike or scooter.
  3. Always follow the Stop or Slow down sign.
  4. Never indulge in lane cutting or overtaking from the wrong side. It is a serious offence and highly risky.

It is vital that you follow all the rules and regulations as they have been clearly listed above. It is recommended that these must be carefully observed along with all the rules and regulations. Traffic rules are extremely important to follow and it includes all rules related to licensing rules, Traffic Penalties and Driving rules as well as other rules related to the use of mobile phones while driving, parking rules and wearing helmet etc. There is a low tolerance policy for traffic rule violators in Bengaluru. The RTO office in Bengaluru can take stringent actions and cause your license to be suspended for at least 3 months or even more. Additionally, you may be required to attend a counselling session of 2 hours.

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