One of the primary responsibilities of every citizen is to have proper knowledge important traffic rules and regulations that are in place in the country, regardless of whether they are in the driver’s seat or not. Road rage is one of the main causes of undue disturbances in our country today, and traffic congestions are a well-known issue throughout. The traffic police across the country are doing their best to combat this situation, mainly through the implementation of stringent rules and regulations that draw fines or punishments for the offences. The traffic police of Chandigarh has put in place several rules and regulations to do their part towards the prevalent situation. It is our responsibility to adhere to these rules and regulations, not just for fear of punishment, but to help move forward in the right direction, for the safety and well-being of all. Alongside this, these rules are also in place to ensure that each citizen feels safe in the city, and proper knowledge of the rules and regulations in place can help you claim your rights and ensure your safety.

Here are some of the most serious penalties that you should know about:

Driving Underage:

The acceptable age is a minimum of 18 years for a four-wheeler vehicle, and a valid driving license is a must. Underage driving attracts a fine of Rs. 500 in Chandigarh.

Driving Above The Speed Limit:

Viewed with the utmost severity, this offence leads to a fine of Rs. 700 for a first time offece and Rs. 1000 for a second-time offence.

Driving Without A License:

Viewed as a highly serious offence, this leads to a fine of Rs. 300 – Rs. 500 depending on the vehicle driven as stipulated by the traffic rules of Chandigarh. Violations of this rule include failure to adhere to the rules stipulated according to the learner’s license, driving after a license has expired, driving before applying for a license or driving without authentic license.

Driving While Intoxicated:

The standard rule of driving is known to be to not drink and drive, and those who fail to follow this rule face a court appearance or a hefty fine.

Driving A Vehicle That Pollutes Excessively:

If deemed responsible for violating standards that are associated with pollution standards, fines of up to Rs 1000  may be levied at the for first offence and Rs. 2000 for consecutive offences, at the discretion of the traffic police of Chandigarh.

All the fines are currently under question, as a new bill that is being debated has proposed increase in the number of fines collected by almost ten times for every offence.

The current list of fines for the various offences in Chandigarh is as follows:

OffenceNew PenaltyOld Penalty
Disobeying orders from the Authorities and Refusing to Share InformationRs.2,000Rs.500
Driving an Unauthorised Vehicle without LicenseRs.5,000Rs.1,000
Driving Without LicenseRs.5,000Rs.500
Over-SpeedingLight Motor Vehicle:
Rs.1,000 to Rs.2,000

Medium Passenger or Goods Vehicle:
Rs.2,000 to Rs.4,000 and impounding of DL for the Subsequent or Second-Time Offence.
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Intoxicating SubstanceFirst-Time Offence: Rs.10,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 6 months.

Second-Time Offence: Rs.15,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 2 years
Driving Uninsured VehicleFirst-Time Offence: Rs.2,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months.

Second-Time Offence: Rs.4,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months.
Rs.1,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months.

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Now that we are done with notifying you about the fines and prison time. Let us move on to some important guidelines which every possible motor vehicle driver or passenger should abide by. You will find below information regarding the same.

For Two-Wheeler Drivers:

  1. Wear Helmets: Wearing helmets can save your life and the lives of people travelling with you. Majority of motor cycle accidents claim lives of people who do not wear helmets.
  2. Do not overload: Accommodating more than one person behind you is a threat to your life and the lives of others. Balance is critical and one slip can cause a massive accident.
  3. Use indicators: Using indicators is very easy. Given that a lack of judgement in cases where high speed corridors are plied upon, use of indicators can provide that extra assistance to the driver behind you and save lives.
  4. Refrain from off-roading: Off-roading causes 20% of motor cycle accidents. From an off-road when a motorcycle enters the main road, vehicles which are speeding are unable to brake at the last moment. That has caused a lot of deaths.
  5. Refrain from overtaking cars: While overtaking might be necessary in some cases, a wrong move can attribute to permanent injuries and even death.

For Four-Wheeler Drivers:

  1. Follow Traffic Signals: Traffic signals are meant to be very time efficient, therefore jumping a red light can cause accidents of worrying nature.
  2. Refrain from using mobile phones: In a recent survey usage of mobile phones have been attributed to close to 20% of small and big accidents. Slowing down one’s vehicle on a highway while calling is one of those issues. In case you need to operate the phone. Stop on the left side and then converse.
  3. Carry your documents: Carrying documents is very important. Not only does it prevent violations but also provides important information to the police in case of accidents.
  4. Seat Belts should be put on: Seat belts are a must. Because more than one life is at stake.
  5. Drive slowly: Make it a habit to drive slowly near school, gardens, public places and more.

News Related to Traffic Rules and Violations in Punjab:

Chandigarh Not to Slash Traffic Challans; Opts for Minimum Fine on Some

– December 5, 2019

The Chandigarh administration has decided not to slash the steep traffic fines implemented through the new Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019. Instead, it has chosen for a minimum penalty in a few violations and has specified the fine for the same. A notification in this regard is expected to be issued soon. The New MV Act was implemented from 1 September 2019 which listed steeper fines for traffic violations to curb traffic violations in the country.

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