In the year 2017, Tamil Nadu government took strict actions to curb increasing road accident and violation of traffic rules. The change is brought with an intention of making the roads safer for plying by imposing heavy fines on offenders.

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The current list of fines for the various traffic rules violations in Chennai, Tamil Nadu under The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 is as follows:

Disobeying lawful direction (disrespect / disobedience to a person in authority as deemed by law)150
Causing or permitting any person to drive a vehicle:
(a) without a driving license300
(b) without a transport vehicle authorization150
(c) When underage300
(d) in breach of condition of learner's license150
Driving a Vehicle:
(a) without a driving license300
(b) without a transport vehicle authorization150
(c) When underage300
(d) in breach of condition of learner's license150
Driving at excessive speed300
Causing driver to drive at excessive speed200
Driving at a speed dangerous to the public350
Driving in a manner dangerous to the public500
Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive150
Permitting or taking part in a race trial of Speed without written consent of the State Government300
Driving a vehicle with emission of smoky exhaust100
Driving a two wheeler or three wheelers which uses Kerosene or diesel or any other chemical not meant to be used as fuel in the vehicle200
Violations of the standards related to control of noise100
Violations of the standards related to control of air-pollution400
Violations of the standards related to control of road safety500
Driving a motor cycle that is not registered100
Driving a three wheeler vehicle that is not registered150
Driving any other light motor vehicle that is not registered250
Driving any other motor vehicle when not properly registered500
Riding two wheelers without valid insurance100
Driving three wheelers without valid insurance200
Driving any other light motor vehicles without valid insurance300

Display plates for learners

A learning driver must carry display plates. Otherwise fine for a first time offender is Rs. 300, and thereafter Rs. 600.

Updated Road Tax

If the road tax charged by the authority is not paid, then the fine of Rs. 300 is imposed on a first time offender. It is doubled for subsequent offences.

Change of address to be reported

Information about the change of address of the owner is to be reported without delay, otherwise a fine of Rs.300 is to be charged.

Ownership changed

Change of ownership of the vehicle should be informed immediately to avoid a fine of Rs.300 to Rs.600.

Other state registration

Fine of Rs.300 and Rs.600 is imposed if the registration of the vehicle is done in another state & is in operation in Chennai for more than 12 months.

Pollution Control

If a car is polluting the air then fine of Rs.1,000 and Rs.2,000 could be imposed.

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Taxi driver to go in short distance

Taxi drivers in Chennai can’t refuse to travel a short distance. Otherwise it could cost them a fine of Rs. 100 to Rs. 300 under Section 177.

False meter in taxi

False or tampered meter in taxi also attract fine of Rs.300 to Rs.600 under specific section.

Passenger standing in front seat

By allowing a passenger to stand in the front portion of the vehicle, the car owner can receive a challan amounting to Rs.300 to Rs.600.

‘No Entry’ violation

Violation of the no entry norm attracts a fine of Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000.

Inflammable articles

Carrying inflammable items in the moving vehicle will attract a fine of Rs. 300 to Rs. 600 under Section 177.

Talking while driving

If you are on the phone while driving on the Chennai road, you could be fined with Rs.1,000 to Rs.2,000 under specific section.

Disobeying police orders

Reports show that the number of persons, arguing with the police, is increasing day by day. So, to check this problem, the Chennai government has implemented a fine of Rs.800 to Rs.1200.

Disobeying Signal

Breaking a signal in the road is considered as an offence not only because it causes harm to you but it’s dangerous for others walking down the streets as well. So when you break a signal in Chennai you impose upon yourself a fine of Rs.300 to Rs.600.

Stop the car, cooperate with the police

Whenever you meet with an accident don’t try to flee from the situation. This will only damage your position.

Crossing the Zebra

The Zebra lines in the streets are made for pedestrians, not for drivers. Rule breakers have to pay Rs. 300 to Rs. 600 as penalty.

Wrong parking and turning

Parking the car in no parking zone or turning the car improperly is a cognizable offence.

Driving without Helmet

Driving without helmet may be a suicidal attempt so this is fined with Rs. 100 to Rs. 300.

These are some of the primary measures taken by the Chennai government to ensure that citizens follow traffic rules in the city. In case you violate a traffic rule and are fined by the traffic police, you can pay the e-challan online as well.

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