The rush of enthusiasm you get when you pass the driving license test and get your driving license cannot be compared to anything else. But what’s the use of it if you don’t know the traffic rules? And what’s the point if you know the rules well but don’t abide by them?

Below are the basic traffic rules and violations you must know if you are in the city of joy, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Safety rules For Two-Wheeler Drivers:

Wear Helmet:  Wearing a helmet can save your life. Majority of motorcycle accidents claim lives of people who do not wear helmets.

Do not overload: Accommodating more than one person behind you is a threat to your life and others. Balance is critical and one slip can cause a massive accident.

Use indicators: Using indicators is very easy. Given that a lack of judgment in cases where high speed corridors are plied upon, use of indicators can provide that extra assistance to the driver behind you and save lives.

Refrain from off-roading:  Off-roading causes 20% of motorcycle accidents. When a motorcycle enters the main road from an off-road, vehicles which are speeding are sometimes unable to brake at the last moment. That has caused a lot of deaths.

Refrain from overtaking cars:  While overtaking might be necessary in some cases, a wrong move can result in permanent injuries and even death.

Safety rules For Four-Wheeler Drivers:

Follow Traffic Signals: Traffic signals are meant to followed religiously. Jumping a red light can cause accidents of worrying nature.

Refrain from using mobile phones:  Mobile phones have been attributed to close to 20% of small and big accidents. In case you need to talk on your mobile, stop and then converse.

Carry your documents: Carrying documents is very important. Not only does it prevent violations but also provides important information to the police.

Seat Belts should be put on: Seat belts are a safety measure that all drivers and passengers must make use of.

Drive slowly: Make it a habit to drive slowly near schools, gardens, and public places.

Traffic Violations and their penalties according to the government of Kolkata, West Bengal

OffenseFine (Rs.)
Driving vehicle without license500
Not being of ideal age to drive motor vehicle:
(i) 16 years M/C-50CC
(ii) other than transport vehicle-18 years
(iii) transport vehicles-20 years
Owner allowing others to drive the vehicle without having a proper driving license.1000
Driving a vehicle without registration or in contravention of the condition of Blue Book6000 to 9500
Driving vehicles without a certificate of fitness or an invalid certificate6000 to 9500
Driving Vehicles without permit or in contravention of the condition of permitIssue Seizure List
Allowing any person to stand or sit or to place anything in such a manner or position as to hamper the driver in his control of the vehicle.300
Driving vehicle at excessive speed1000
Owner driving in contravention of speed limit500
Driving vehicles in violation of mandatory Traffic Signs300
Leaving vehicle in such a position so as to cause or likely to cause danger, obstruction or inconvenience to any road.300
Allowing the vehicle to remain stationary at Public Place.300
Non-production of driving license on demand by a Police Officer in uniform300
Failure to take certain precautions at unguarded level crossings300
Failure to stop the vehicle when asked by a Police Officer in uniform, when the vehicle is involved in an accident.1000
Not insuring the vehicle against 3rd Party/or for driving an uninsured vehicle.1000
Non-production of Registration Certificates, Insurance Certificates, permit, etc. by the driver of trampest vehicle (In case of other vehicles 15 days time for production should be given as per Provision of Central Motor Vehicle Rules-139)300
Non-production of Insurance Certificate (7 days’ time should be given for such documents.300
Disobedience of order and obstructions.500
Withholding information or giving false information.500
Crossing the numbers of persons allowed to be carried in goods vehicles
I. Light goods vehicles gross weight less than 1000 Kg – One Person
II. Other light goods vehicles – three persons
III. Goods vehicles other light goods vehicles – Seven Persons
Carriage of animals other than the trampest vehicle so specified.300
Driving vehicles dangerously.1600 to 2000
Driving drunk or when under influence of drugs.3000
Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive.500
Taking part in race or trial of speed of any kind between motor vehicles at any Public Place.500
Using vehicle in unsafe condition.-
Violation of Standards Prescribed for Road Safety, control of Noise & Air Pollution.2000
Carriage of goods which are dangerous or hazardous to human life in violation of prescribed conditions.5000
Sale of vehicles in or alternation of vehicle to condition contravening this Act.500
Taking & driving vehicle without consent of owner or lawful authority.500
Exercising Control of a vehicle unlawfully by force or threat of force or by any other form of intimation.500
Attempt and abetment of Section 197(I) & 197(2)500
Unauthorized interference with vehicle100
Power of Police Officer to detain vehicle without Certificate of Registration, Permit etc.6000 to 9500
Using Motor Vehicles with defective Number Plates300
Regn. mark shall be in English letters and Arabic numerals300
Non-exhibition of Registration Marks at rear number plate (Trailer)300
Vehicle not fitted with rear view mirror300
Driving two-wheeler without standard helmet300
Violation on the restriction of using dazzling light300
Stop Line Violation300
Centre Line Violation300

Challan process

It is very simple to check and pay for the challan you have been fined. In fact, you can do it online.

Details required for checking Challan online:

Details like your vehicle registration number, last 5 characters of the chassis number, your email and mobile number are necessary. You can check your challan online at

Keep this pdf handy to know all the traffic rules and related penalties for violations:

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