The number of vehicles on Mumbai’s roads is on the rise and citizens have a lot of complaints regarding Mumbai’s traffic. The roads are already narrowed due to Metro construction and other projects. On top of it, heavy rains cause havoc and disrupt the city’s infrastructure. If things look bleak from your car’s window, imagine how they must look from a bird’s eye perspective. Mumbai’s traffic police look at the overall picture and try hard to keep the city moving.

Mumbai Traffic Police And Their Digital Presence - Acko

Yes, there is a lot to improve but given the situation and the resources at their disposal, Mumbai Traffic Police is always at it to ensure smooth flow of vehicles. 2.7 million vehicles on a daily basis, inadequate parking space, lack of state-of-the-art technology, and people who disregard basic rules and regulations are some of the challenges faced by the traffic police. In spite of such roadblocks, 3500 plus traffic police officials devote their time and energy to serve the citizens. Recent digitization measures have strengthened traffic police’s ability to govern. Their website and mobile App provide helpful information to citizens. Read ahead to know the benefits of Mumbai Traffic Police’s digitization measures.

You can pay your E-challans by logging on to Mumbai Traffic Police’s website or through Mumbai Traffic Police mobile App. This is a convenient way of paying your dues and avoiding corruption. You just have to login with your vehicle’s registration number and simply pay the amount charged, like you do for any e-commerce transaction.

  • Fines

Wondering what is the fine for causing an obstruction to free-flowing traffic? Or going triple seat on your bike? The Mumbai Traffic Police’s website and the Mumbai Traffic Police mobile App has a dedicated section that lists out various instances where you can be fined. It also displays the amount that you will have to shell out if you break rules. Some of the Mumbai traffic police fines might surprise you. For example, you will be liable to pay Rs. 200 under section 21 (1) RRR/177 of the Motor Vehicles Act for honking continuously.

  • Pay and Park

Worried about your vehicle being towed? Or deciding to whether take your car out based on the parking available near your destination? You can find pay and park spots on the website and App. You can also check No Parking spots.

  • Finding Towed Vehicle

In case your vehicle is towed, you can enter your vehicle number in the relevant section on the website and the App to find it. Those who are familiar with the locality might know where the towed vehicle is taken. This feature comes in handy if you visit a non-familiar location and your vehicle is towed from there.

  • Traffic Updates

Major traffic alerts are conveyed proactively by the traffic police through their website and the App. Sometimes, the SMS service might also be used to send out a public notification. The digital platforms also provide tips and educational information. Mumbai Police’s social media handles are also quite popular among the masses.

  • Contact Information

If you want to lodge a Mumbai Traffic Police complaint, you can call on Mumbai Traffic Police helpline number. Mumbai Traffic Police number is 84-54-999-999 and their email id is [email protected]. If you want to get in touch with senior officials, their contact details are also stated on the website.

Law Abiding Citizen

Be a law-abiding citizen by following the rules and regulations stipulated by the traffic police. If everyone respects the law, there wouldn’t be so much pressure on the authorities to spend time, energy, and efforts on regulation.

It is important to cooperate with traffic police officials if you are stopped by them. Don’t forget to carry documents such as Vehicle’s Registration Certificate, Insurance Policy, Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate and your Driving License while driving your vehicle.

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