The Traffic Police department of Mumbai comes under Mumbai Police which is also called as Brihanmumbai Police. On a broader note, the main aim of the traffic police is to enforce traffic rules and regulations in India, maintain the law and order regarding roads and transport in the country and more.

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Here are some interesting facts about a set of police officials that stand in the middle of a highway to guide you along the way – The Mumbai Police Traffic Department.

The Ease Of Complaining

We still think that registering a complaint is about writing an application, going to the complaint department, getting your complaint registered, etc. Such lengthy procedures are not in force anymore. The traffic police are going digital in every sense possible. Now you can register your complaint in a very convenient and an instant manner.

To register a Complaint with the Mumbai Traffic Police, all you need to do is use your WhatsApp chatting application. Punch-in the helpline number 8454999999 and simply send your complaint as a text message. The officials will entertain complaints regarding incidents, traffic jams, and other related issues. You will be given a complaint number which can be used to keep a track of your complaint.

Your complaints will also be integrated with the MTPCALL app issued by the Mumbai Traffic Police. This app will enable you to understand traffic flow and things like traffic jams, parking areas, no entry points, etc. Moreover, you can also know the contact information of traffic constables and chowkies through the application.

The Digital Angle

Traffic Police took the help of digitization to effectively enforce traffic rules and regulations in India. The traffic department took the digital route a couple of years back. The biggest step towards an improved and transparent system was the introduction of e-challans. E-challan stands for electronic-challan. For those who are not aware – a challan is a physical receipt that is issued in the name of an offender who fails to abide by the traffic rules and regulations. This person needs to pay RTO fines as soon as the RTO challan is issued.

With the introduction of e-challan, the traffic police of Mumbai were able to curb corruption and bribing to a great extent. People had no choice but to pay the RTO fines within the stipulated time. As the offenders could no longer deal with cash, there is no escaping and they have to follow the rules.

In order to pay the e-challan, one needs to visit the website of Mumbai Traffic police, feed the e-challan number and pay the fine via credit/debit card, net banking or via third-party applications.

You Are Being Watched!

The traffic police department has installed a huge number of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras all around the city. A number of surveillance rooms are responsible for keeping a watchful eye on you while you roam around Mumbai. It involves monitoring the flow of traffic, bottlenecks in vehicle movement, vehicle breakdown, etc. In such times, the traffic personnel or a towing van is deployed to the spot and the situation is brought under control.

An interesting aspect of this powerful scrutiny is that the behavior of drivers can also be studied through the CCTV cameras. Through this study, certain rules can also be tweaked to increase the safety of the commuters. An example would the recent change in the speed limit on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link.

A traffic police officer in Mumbai works tirelessly for 24×7. The entire department is one of the most active departments that are responsible for maintaining the swift movement of vehicles in the country.

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