Whether you’ve recently moved to Pune, Maharashtra or are already residing in the city, it’s very important to know the traffic rules and violation penalties before hitting the road.

Be it a pedestrian, or a someone behind the wheel, all should have sound knowledge about traffic rules and traffic violations in Pune, Maharashtra and obey the same while moving on the road.

Traffic signs and signals are silent speakers on the road which provide us valuable information about the road conditions ahead, provide instructions to be followed at major crossroads or junctions, warn or guide drivers and ensure smooth management of road traffic. The proper knowledge of these rules and regulations can reduce risk of accidents and can establish organized traffic system in a busy city like Pune.

The traffic signals are of several types. These are discussed below:

Traffic signals

These are mainly divided into three main categories as follows:

  • Mandatory signs inform users about specific laws and regulations to ensure safety and clear movement of traffic. As the name suggests, mandatory signs mean any violation of these signs will leave you in trouble and that will be considered as a legal offence.
  • Cautionary signs are used to give a warning to the pedestrians and drivers about the hazardous conditions ahead. By noticing such symbols, drivers can be more careful.
  • Informatory signs provide information regarding routes, destination, distance, etc.

Indian road rules came into effect in July 1989 and aim at ensuring orderly traffic and a safe journey. Any kind of traffic rules and traffic violations in Pune, Maharashtra under this Act will attract punishment as per specific city traffic police rules and Motor Vehicle Act 1989. For better enforcement, traffic rules and traffic regulations levied in the form of ‘challans’ are issued by police in the name of offenders.

The Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) 1988, Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 and State Motor Vehicle Rules are the legal instruments for the conduct of road traffic in India. Some of the common offences and the consequent penalties are listed below:

Here are some of the most serious penalties that you should know about:

Driving underage

The legal age is a minimum of 18 years for a four-wheeler vehicle, a valid driving license is a must. Underage driving attracts a fine of Rs. 300 in Pune.

Driving above the speed limit

Viewed with the utmost severity, this offence leads to a fine of Rs. 300 for the driver, and up to Rs. 200 if a passenger is deemed responsible for forcing the driver to speed unnecessarily.

Driving without a license

Viewed as a highly serious offence, this leads to a fine of Rs. 300 as stipulated by the traffic rules of Pune, Maharashtra. Violations of this rule include failure to adhere to the rules stipulated according to the learner’s license, driving after a license has expired, driving before applying for a license or driving without an authentic license.

Driving while intoxicated

This standard rule of driving is known as ’don’t drink and drive’, and those who fail to follow this rule face a hefty fine.

Driving a vehicle that pollutes excessively

If deemed responsible for violating pollution standards, fines of up to Rs. 500 may be levied at the discretion of the traffic police of Pune.

All the fines are currently under question, as a new bill that is being debated, has proposed an an increase in the amount of fines collected, by almost ten times for every offence.

The current list of fines for various offences in Pune, Maharashtra is as follows:

OffenceNew PenaltyOld Penalty
GeneralFirst-Time Offence: Rs.500

Second-Time Offence: Rs.1,500
First-Time Offence: Rs.100

Second-Time Offence: Rs.300
Driving Without LicenseRs.5,000Rs.500
Over-SpeedingLight Motor Vehicle:
Rs.1,000 to Rs.2,000

Medium Passenger or Goods Vehicle:
Rs.2,000 to Rs.4,000 and impounding of DL for the Subsequent or Second-Time Offence.
Dangerous / Rash DrivingFirst-Time Offence: Imprisonment of 6 Months to 1 Year and/or Fine of Rs.1,000 to Rs.5,000

Second-Time Offence: Imprisonment of up to 2 years and/or Fine up to Rs.10,000.
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Intoxicating SubstanceFirst-Time Offence: Rs.10,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 6 months.

Second-Time Offence: Rs.15,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 2 Years
Driving Uninsured VehicleFirst-Time Offence: Rs.2,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months.

Second-Time Offence: Rs.4,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months.
Rs.1,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months.
Not Wearing SeatbeltRs.1,000Rs.100
Not Wearing HelmetRs.1,000 and Disqualification of License for 3 monthsRs.100
Not Providing Way for Emergency VehiclesRs.10,000 and/or Imprisonment of 6 monthsNil

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Rules that should be obeyed while driving a four-wheeler in Pune, Maharashtra:

  1. Do not drink and drive. It is one of the most propagated road rules, and every responsible citizen should adhere to this, not just to avoid fines, but for their own safety.
  2. Ensure that your vehicle is correctly registered and up to date with insurance policies. Carry documents to prove this always, as you are required to provide these to an authority whenever requested. Failure to prove the validity of your insurance status can lead to hefty fines and even court appearances in some cases.
  3. Do not use your mobile while driving. Pull over and converse if it is an emergency, but never allow yourself to get distracted while driving as it can lead to possibly fatal consequences.
  4. Follow lane discipline, and do not cut signals. Ensure you park in designated areas only, and always wear your seat belts.

Rules that should be obeyed while driving a two-wheeler in Pune, Maharashtra:

  1. Do not over speed or take part in a race, and do not encourage others to do so either. A number of serious accidents in this regard show that it can lead to fatal situations, which could have easily been avoided.
  2. Wear your helmet and make sure your vehicle is up to date with safety measures. If you are found to be riding a vehicle that is not fit for the road, heavy fines can be levied.
  3. Ride with only one pillion rider at a time, and ensure that the pillion rider adheres to all the safety rules and regulations as well. Failure to do so can lead to fines for not just the rider, but for the passenger as well.

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