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5 Benefits of an International Travel Insurance Policy

Team AckoJun 15, 2021

International travel is exciting. You get to see enchanting landscapes, experience new culture, taste delectable cuisine and explore uncharted territories. However, international travel is an expensive affair. That is why very few individuals manage to undertake an international vacation. Even when you manage to plan an international trip, any unforeseen contingency would strain your budget.

International Travel Insurance

Since contingencies are unforeseen, what you can take precautionary measures. An international travel insurance plan is the only solution to plan for unexpected contingencies which arise during your travels. The plan gives comprehensive coverage and proves useful in emergencies. If you have any doubt on the importance of overseas travel insurance plans, read this article.

Benefits of an International Travel Insurance Policy:

1. A comprehensive medical cover

The most important and useful cover provided by overseas travel insurance policy is the cover for medical expenses. If you fall sick or are injured and require hospitalisation abroad, your travel insurance policy provides coverage against the medical expenses incurred. Right from ambulance cover to hospitalisation and, if required, medical evacuations, international travel insurance policies provide a comprehensive cover against medical costs which are quite high in foreign lands.

2. Non-medical travel contingencies are also covered

Besides covering medical contingencies, non-medical contingencies are also covered under overseas travel insurance policies. Contingencies like loss or delay of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, flight delay, missed flight connections, loss of personal belongings, etc. are also covered under international travel plans. These coverage benefits prove very useful when little unforeseen contingencies pose a financial threat as well as inconvenience. The policy pays a financial compensation so that you can deal with these contingencies easily and make your trip a smooth one.

3. Trip cancellations and interruptions are also covered

While you might plan your international trip with much enthusiasm, unexpected contingencies might delay or cancel your trip altogether. When it happens, you lose thousands of rupees spent on air ticket bookings and advance hotel reservations. Since air ticket bookings and hotel accommodations constitute a major portion of your trip’s budget, you end up losing a lot of money. An international travel insurance plan helps you prevent this loss to an extent. The policy covers trip cancellations, delays as well as interruptions thereby compensating you for the loss incurred on advance bookings.

4. There is affordable coverage for all your family members

You can buy travel insurance for your overseas trip for every member of your family whether it is your spouse, dependent children or dependent parents. As such, every family member of yours can enjoy coverage under the travel insurance policy. Besides covering each member, the policy is also very affordable. The premiums of the policy are very low and easy to be paid.

5. There are add-ons for enhancing your coverage

International travel insurance policies provide optional additional coverage benefits besides the comprehensive cover they already provide. You can, therefore, customise your policy as per your requirement by choosing any optional coverage of your choice. Some popular coverage choices include home insurance when you are on the trip, loss of personal belongings, etc.

Given these benefits, it becomes essential as well as beneficial to buy travel insurance for your international travel. At very affordable premiums you get comprehensive coverage in the plan which protects you against all major as well as minor contingencies faced on your trip. You can also customise the plan through optional add-ons and secure your trip. In fact, in Schengen countries, travel insurance is compulsory. So, insure your trip with a travel insurance policy and ensure that your trip runs smoothly without any financial hassles.

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