Canada is one of the top locations for tourists from all around the world. The world’s second-largest country has a share for every kind of person. Depending on your likes, you can explore an astonishing diversity of landscape. 

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Best Tourist Attractions in Canada

  • Watch The Niagara Falls

Let us begin with the most popular tourist destination for Canada –  The Niagara Falls. Experiencing the sheer gigantism of these massive waterfalls will sweep you off your feet. Only those who are irritated by the sight of water might not enjoy this treat (your cat may be…!). Apart from them, a visit to the Niagara fall will astonish people of all age groups.

  • A visit to Butchart Gardens

The garden’s landscape will literally make you a part of an exquisite live painting. Photographers interested in flora might relish this treat for a long time. This is an internationally recognized destination situated in Victoria. This dog-friendly garden has over a million plants that bloom all year round. Thus, a visit can be made as per your travel plans.

  • Old Quebec

If you wish to experience Europe while in Canada, Old Quebec is your destination. The historic district of Old Quebec is a UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985. A hotel called Château Frontenac, built in the 19th century, is said to be the most photographed hotel in the world. From delicious food to ferry rides, Old Quebec will offer a plethora of amazement to its visitors.

  • HeliSkiing in British Columbia

Canada is known for its extreme weather and snow-capped mountains. This provides for an excellent condition of skiing. But let’s get creative here. Let’s add a dash of helicopter to skiing. If heights are your thing, the  much-needed rush will be provided by an activity called as HeliSkiing. A helicopter will drop you off on a high peak from where you can begin your journey downhill.

  • Watch a Beluga whale in Nunavut

The worldwide population of these beautiful and endangered species is just about 15 lakh. They are fully white in color and can grow up to a massive 18 feet. You can witness them and their friendly nature in one of the Nunavut rivers. These creatures are said to be slow swimmers and gather in hundreds during the summer.

How To Ensure A Safe Journey In Canada?

  • Invest in safety

Some of the main attractions of visiting Canada could be adventure sports. While some of these are deemed to be safe, it is your sole responsibility to take enough safety measures before beginning the activity. Keep your prime focus in investing in safety gear and equipment if required. Recognize that you are in a foreign land and safety comes first.

  • Protect your cash and valuables

You need to be super alert in terms of your belongings. As you will not be familiar to the surrounding, you need to be cautious. Carry your most important possessions when you set out. If your hotel or where you are staying has an accessible locker or a safe, keep your valuables locked up.

  • Insure your trip

If you are an Indian, make it a point to buy travel insurance for Canada from India. It is a type of overseas travel insurance that will provide peace of mind in case of financial emergencies. You will be covered under a lot of situations through your travel insurance for Canada.

Important Benefits Of Travel Insurance For Canada

A travel insurance for Canada from India can be multi-trip, single-trip or an extended policy. This overseas travel insurance policy will provide the following benefits:

  • Financial backup: Travel insurance for Canada from India will provide a financial back in case you face an emergency situation.
  • Loss of Baggage: If your baggage is delayed or stolen, your overseas travel insurance policy will cover you for the same. You can buy the needful without worrying about the cost.
  • Medical Emergencies: If you get into an accident and injure yourself, you can be covered for the expense of the treatment.
  • Loss of Documents: Carrying proper identification like a passport or visa is important while visiting Canada. In case you lose any of these documents, your insurer will help you get a duplicate of the lost document.

The Bottom Line

A vacation should always be a memorable one, for all the right reasons. Ensure good memories with insurance!

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