It is absolutely crucial for you to buy travel insurance when you travel as it provides solid financial protection when you are in an unknown region. There is no substitute for travel insurance. However, you need to buy the correct type of travel insurance to ensure you have the best travel insurance India plan. There are mainly two types of travel insurance plans – single trip travel and multi-trip travel. Take a look at this article to know the differences between them and which one you should choose.

5 Differences Between Single and Multi-Travel Insurance - Acko

Differences Between Single And Multi-travel Insurance

  1. Duration:

Let us begin with the duration of each plan. When you buy single trip travel insurance online, you get a policy period to cover the duration of your trip. The coverage starts the day your journey begins and ends on the day you return. You can choose the duration when you buy the policy and use it in your own favor. For a multi-trip plan, you get a policy period to cover multiplet. You can make as many trips in that year while you stay covered under a single travel insurance cover.

     2. Limit on trip tenure:

A single trip plan allows you to go on a vacation or work trip for as long as you want. The longer your trip is, the more premium you are charged. However, in most multi-travel plans, the duration of an individual trip is restricted. So check with your insurance provider before you buy a plan to know for how long you will stay covered on your trip.

    3. Premium:

As is quite obvious, there is a difference in the premiums of the two types of travel insurance plans. Since a single trip plan has a smaller scope of cover and a shorter duration, the premium is usually lower. A multi-trip plan is available for a longer duration and its scope is larger too. This makes the premiums of the two plans different. You should always compare travel insurance to find the best plan at the best rate.  

    4. Claims:

When you make a claim on your single trip plan, the insurer pays the claim amount to you and the policy terminates. However, when you make a claim on your multi-trip travel insurance online plan, the cover does not terminate. You get the compensation for that particular claim and your coverage continues to be in force. The coverage ends at the end of one calendar year or it ends when you decide to cancel it.

   5. Medical cover:

You get a health cover with the best travel insurance India plans. This is applicable to both the single trip and the multi-trip policies. However, the process is quicker in a single trip plan. You are not asked for multiple declarations. You aren’t sent for medical tests either. However, for a multi-trip cover, you are required to declare all your pre-existing health conditions. Your insurance provider may also ask you to undergo several health check-ups before the policy is issued to you.

These are the main differences between a single trip travel insurance and a multi-trip travel insurance cover. Do keep them in mind before you choose your travel insurance online cover.

In conclusion

As mentioned above, travel insurance is vital. So, do remember to compare travel insurance and then buy the most suitable plan for yourself. The policy that you buy should suit your requirements. So do some research, speak to your insurer and see what your best options are. This will help you to find the best travel insurance online plan at the best rate. You can then travel in a safe and secure manner with a travel insurance cover that tackles the emergencies which you may face in your trip.

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