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5 Mistakes to be Avoided While Selecting Travel Insurance

Team AckoJun 16, 2021

Availing travel insurance is a precautionary measure to safeguard yourself from the effects of unpredictable events during your trip. It can be availed for domestic as well as international destinations.

Mistakes to Avoid While Travel Insurance

Mistakes to be Avoided While Selecting Travel Insurance

In fact, it is compulsory to avail a travel insurance policy to get a Visa for particular countries. For example, Schengen countries. The best travel insurance policy is the one that is purchased after analyzing one’s requirements. And in doing so, make sure to avoid the following five mistakes related to travel insurance plans.

  • Considering health insurance to be enough

Yes, medication in a foreign land is expensive and the ‘health’ aspect while travelling abroad is important. But, do not make the mistake of considering that your health insurance plan might be enough to cover all medical hazards during your foreign trip. Apart from medical emergencies, an extensive travel insurance policy comes in handy in case of travel-related perils such as baggage loss, lost passport, flight delay, etc. as well. Besides, your health insurance policy might have limited coverage in a foreign land. Thus, one must opt for a travel insurance plan irrespective of having a health insurance policy.

  • Selecting the wrong policy

While purchasing travel insurance online, you can select a policy based on your profile. For example, there are dedicated policies for Senior Citizens, Student Travel, etc. If you are someone who has a busy year ahead and has lots of hopping and skipping across the globe, you should opt for a multi-trip policy. For those going on a vacation with their family, a Family Floater Travel cover is more productive. Therefore, blindly buying travel insurance online is a huge mistake.

  • Overlooking Add-ons

This might prove a costly mistake, literally! For example, there’s a home insurance Add-on one can avail with a travel policy. As per this Add-on, your home and its belongings are insured from fire and theft while you are on your trip. You might be interested in this Add-on especially if you are out on a trip with your entire family and there’s no one to look after home sweet home. Do not overlook travel insurance Add-ons but at the same time, purchase them only if they meet your requirements.

  • Leaving it to the last minute

Buy travel insurance online as soon as you book your flight tickets and make other travel arrangements. Leaving the policy purchase task for the last minute might hike up the policy’s price. Also, there’s a possibility that you might not purchase a travel insurance policy with an extensive coverage due to the last-minute hassle.

  • Not reading the terms and conditions

People often fail to understand the coverage of their policy and then regret it while raising a claim. While investigating a claim, the first thing that an insurance company looks at is whether the event against which a claim is raised is covered under the policy or not. If the event is not covered, how will the insurance company settle the claim? Thus, you need to understand the terms and conditions of a travel insurance plan in detail. Feel free to get all your doubts cleared with the insurance company’s executive and then purchase the policy.

Travel Insurance Online

Now you can insure your foreign trip in a matter of minutes. No need for extensive paperwork and scratching your head over complicated policy inclusions. Digital-first travel insurance companies have made purchasing travel insurance simple, easy, and convenient. You can purchase a policy online at anytime from anywhere. A few clicks on your smartphone and you shall be travel ready.

Remember, there’s a lot of money riding on a foreign trip. Do not make the grave mistake of venturing out on foreign shores without an extensive travel insurance policy.

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