Indians have a strong family connection. This aspect is reflected in various ways, whether it is the way we celebrate festivals or watch movies. Yes, modernization has led to nuclear families as opposed to the joint family setting but that hasn’t hugely affected the bond shared between family members.

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In many families, travelling abroad is also a collective experience. Uncles and aunties, cousins, grandparents, etc., come together once in a while to visit other relatives staying abroad or to explore a foreign land for leisure.

The chances of complications arising before, after, and during a trip increases when there is a huge number of people on board. Therefore, it becomes extremely vital to plan the trip to perfection and have a safety net in place in case things go wrong.

Know 5 Things Before Planning your Next Family Trip Abroad

1        Logistics of the trip

There are various kinds of trips that one can undertake. They can range from spending five days in one city or visiting five cities in one week. First and foremost, you need to figure out the duration of the trip and the destinations you want to cover. If it is only one country you want to visit, you need to go molecular and plan for the number of cities you want to cover.

If you travel as a part of a larger group and your trip is organized by a tour company, you need to pick an itinerary that suits the requirements of elders and children in your family. You do not want the elders to feel exhausted and children to be cranky during the vacation.

2        Keep an eye on the weather

Weather conditions can make or break your trip. Imagine you are all prepped up for a gondola ride in Venice but your enthusiasm dies down as there’s a storm out there and you cannot enjoy the pleasant ride! Worse, drastic drop in temperature can make everyday tasks difficult.

Not much can be done if it is a sudden change. But you have the option of not planning a vacation to a place if it is going to be extremely cold during a particular period. Thus, keep an eye on the weather conditions of the place you are planning to visit before you make the necessary arrangements.

3        Medicines and first-aid kit

Your family members might have some specific needs with regards to medicines. It is suggested to carry the necessary medication as well as the supported documentation (prescription), especially for elders and children. Certain medicines might not be available in a foreign land. Thus, it becomes all the more important to keep the medicines stacked up for the entire trip.

4        Pack light, and pack right

Get appropriate clothing. You do not want to pack free-flowing summer clothes for a trip to Europe in December. Plan the clothes needed as per the duration of your trip. Assist grandparents in doing so. And for the fashionistas out there, there’s no need of carrying your entire wardrobe on a foreign trip! Baggage beyond a certain weight is chargeable in flights.

5        Food is fuel

You need food. And if you are a hardcore desi food loyalist, chances are high that you won’t be able to survive without your beloved theplas, poha, etc. on a long trip. Not everyone can eat pizzas, sandwiches, and burgers everyday of the trip.

Vegetarians and vegans especially need to sort out their food factor before getting on the plane. In such a scenario, packaged and instantly-cooked food can work wonders. Researching on the internet and asking locally about your preferred food in a foreign land can also get you what you want.

Travel Insurance India

The above-mentioned five points are crucial but the most important thing to know during foreign travel involving family is travel insurance. Travel insurance in India can be purchased online as well as offline. It is a good idea to buy travel insurance online as it is economical, easy, and convenient. Make sure to read the policy document carefully before you buy travel insurance.

You can purchase a group travel insurance policy to cover all your family members travelling to a foreign land. Basic things covered under such type of policy are passport and documentation loss, baggage loss, and emergency hospitalization.

Best Travel Insurance

Best travel insurance depends on your requirements. Thus, do not blindly purchase the lowest-priced policy. Analyze the requirements and worries of the people travelling with you and pick a cover that meets most of those requirements. That policy will be your best travel insurance policy.

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