Travel insurance policies prove to be a blessing when travelling. They cover possible contingencies which you might face when you are travelling and give you financial assistance. The medical coverage available under the policy is the most important cover which covers the high treatment costs in foreign lands.

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While many of you buy travel insurance plans, what most of you don’t know is how to make a claim. Since you are travelling in a foreign country, making a claim under your travel insurance in India looks like a hassle. Well, it is not. Here are some useful tips on how you can submit your travel insurance claim while travelling so that your claim is settled easily.

  1. Get in touch with the company’s international representative immediately

Every insurance company has a tie-up with international service representatives in various countries. These representatives help you with your claim faced in international territories. Keep the number of the insurer’s representative handy. Insurance companies also have an emergency claim assistance number. Both these numbers are available on the website of the insurance company when you buy travel insurance. Remember the number if you can’t access the representative’s number. Place a call to either the company’s representative or the insurance company itself immediately in case of a claim. The company or its representative would then guide you to the next steps in making your travel insurance claim.

  1. Gather all documentary evidence of the claim

Documentation is an important aspect of the claim process. Your travel insurance claim is processed and approved based on the documents you submit. Any missing document would jeopardize the claim settlement. So, gather all the relevant documents of the claim including your passport copies and ticket copies and submit them along with the claim form. Make sure everything is in writing and documented. Even make a copy of all the documents you submit.

  1. Inform the authorities if the case may be

In some claim cases you need to get the authorities involved. For instance, in case of loss of passport or loss of personal belongings, the local authorities need to be informed and a report needs to be filed with them. Make sure you inform the authorities in such cases and have a copy of the report filed. This copy would be required when submitting travel insurance claims.

  1. Know the exclusions and deductibles

Travel insurance policies have certain exclusions which are not covered by the plan. Moreover, under the covered features there are deductibles. Deductibles mean the limit of claim which is payable by you. When the claim occurs check whether it is covered or it is excluded. If it is covered know the deductible limit and understand that the claim beyond the deductible would only be paid by the plan. You can find the list of exclusions and the deductible limits when you buy travel insurance online.

  1. Include the details in the claim form

Special care should be taken when filling up the claim form. You should explain the complete details of the incident when reporting the claim. No detail should be left out. Explaining the claim helps the insurance company figure out the claim and the amount payable.

Making a claim under travel insurance in India is not a difficult task if you know these tips which help you with your claim. While you can search and buy travel insurance online easily, knowing these claim tips is essential to make a successful claim. So, keep these tips handy and know how to raise a claim in your travel insurance policy.

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