Be it the snow-clad Swiss Alps or the busy streets of London, there is something enchanting about Europe. Some find its old-school charm attractive while some like the mesmerizing sights that behold tourists. Perhaps, that’s why, there is something for everyone in Europe. The countries in that continent might seem similar from afar but one glance at the history books will tell you every European country and its major city has a tale of its own.

5 Tips You Need to Know About Travel Insurance for Europe - Acko

While you are visiting this foreign land, do take care of yourself and your belongings by purchasing an extensive overseas travel insurance policy. Mentioned below are five tips you need to know regarding travel insurance from India to UK, or other European regions.

No Shenanigans in Schengen Countries

Overseas travel insurance is mandatory if you are travelling to any of the Schengen countries. There is a high chance that your visa application might be rejected if you do not have sufficient travel insurance cover. Thus, it is best to be proactive. Check whether the country you are travelling to is a Schengen country and purchase the needed overseas travel insurance policy.

Weathering Weather Conditions

Europe is vast, and its weather conditions are varied; especially for those travelling from Asia. There might a drastic drop in temperature if you move from the city lights of Paris to the freezing mountains in Austria. The month in which you travel to your destination also matters in terms of weather conditions prevalent in the place you are about to visit. Avail a medical insurance policy based on your ability to counter such weather conditions.

Match Your Purpose

Avail travel insurance in Europe based on the purpose of your travel. If you are a student travelling to Europe for further education, search for a student-friendly policy. If you are a corporate executive who is going to travel to and fro many times during the year, opt for a multi-trip policy. If you are going on a Euro Trip with family members, insure your entire family with a Family Travel Insurance cover.

Additional Protection

A vacant house might be an open invitation for thieves. You might want to insure your home while you and your entire family is out on a holiday. Such Add-ons can be purchased along with your travel insurance for Europe. Select the Add-ons that add value to your policy and do not go on a shopping spree with them. More the number of Add-ons, higher the insurance policy’s cost.

Travel Worry-free

Travel Insurance for Europe is all about enjoying your trip worry free. Accidents are unpredictable but taking precautionary measures against those accidents is in your control. Why worry about lost baggage, lost passport, and other such concerns when a travel insurance policy can cover such risks easily. That doesn’t mean you become complacent. What it means is that if things go wrong, you have a support system in place to handle such issues.

Before You Leave

Here’s a list of pointers to remind you about the importance of travel insurance before you leave for Europe:

  •        Accidents are unpredictable but preventive actions are in your control
  •        Avail travel insurance for peace of mind while travelling
  •        Cost of medical treatment is high in a foreign land, insure yourself accordingly
  •        Travel insurance might be compulsory, check the terms and conditions
  •        Buy only the coverage that is required
  •        Travel insurance can be purchased easily online
  •        Check the policy’s inclusion and exclusions before making the payment
  •        Insurance is a beneficial measure to avoid financial losses in case of mishaps in an unknown land

May your trip be full of safe adventures. Happy journey!

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