Sadly, many people face troublesome situations when they travel to a foreign country. From losing their important travel documents to falling ill abroad, many issues crop up. This is why every traveler should have a travel insurance plan. In this article we list some handy tips on making international travel insurance claims. Take a look.

7 Claim Settlement Tips for International Travel Insurance - Acko

  1. Always carry the policy documents: Trouble comes unannounced. You never know when you will need to make an international travel insurance claim. So, carry the policy documents with you at all times. These days, travel insurance online has become popular. You get an instant e-receipt when you buy the plan. Keep this safely and use it when you need to make a claim.
  2. Be truthful when purchasing: Be absolutely honest and discreet when you buy travel insurance online. Declare all your pre-existing illnesses, your actual purpose of visit, etc. If you make any error, whether voluntarily or non-voluntarily on your application form, your claim may even be rejected. So, fill the form yourself and be truthful.
  3. Be informed about local communication: For your overseas travel insurance plan, your insurer will provide you with certain local communication details. You might get a local phone number to call on in case of any emergency. Be well-versed with such information because you can never tell when a need will pop up!
  4. Inform the local police: If you face an unfortunate event mentioned in the inclusions of your policy, do inform the local police right away. You will require a copy of the police report to file a claim if these has been any criminal activity involved. For instance, if you get mugged and lose your passport and other belongings thereafter, a police intervention will be needed. Your insurance provider will ask for the police report to proceed with the claim and other assistance.
  5. Inform the insurance provider at the earliest: Let us assume you miss your flight due to a strike by the local taxi union. Inform your insurance provider at the earliest. If you delay in doing this, your travel insurance claim process will become unnecessarily lengthy and complicated. In extreme cases, the claim may be rejected altogether as well. So, act fast and inform your insurer without any delay.
  6. Make the claim while on your trip: You can make a claim for travel insurance online. So, you must always look to initiate the process while you are still on your trip. Waiting to return to India and then filing the claim can have disastrous effects. So, do not make this mistake and file the claim as soon as there is a requirement. There will be a much higher chance of your claim being honored when you do so.
  7. Have evidence ready: Lastly, and most crucially, you should have all the possible evidence ready with you when you make a claim on your international travel insurance plan. You will need a copy of the police report (if applicable), medical bills, airline receipts, hotel bills, etc. Keep all your papers ready as this will help you to get the claim in a much simpler fashion.

In conclusion

No one ever imagines they will need to make an insurance claim while they travel. But still, unfortunate incidents do take place and you are compelled to make the claims. Thankfully, travel insurance claims are smooth and if you follow the aforementioned tips, you will be able to get it done in an effortless manner. So, get a good overseas travel insurance plan before you leave and stay prepared for everything.

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