Some of us buy a travel insurance plan only for international travels, however, each type of trip needs to have a financial safety net to ensure the best. You may travel to an international location of just from one Indian state to another, buying travel insurance will always be useful. If you still can’t make up your mind, here is a little push.

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Benefits of Travel Insurance

#1 Financial Protection In Foreign Land

One of the scariest situations to be in is if you need money in the foreign land. You might be visiting this destination for the first time and might not be aware what to do in case of an emergency. A travel insurance policy will have your back in such a situation. Your insurer will provide a financial backup in case of accidents, theft, etc.

#2 Coverage For Luggage

In case your luggage is lost or is delayed for a long time, you will be covered for buying things that you would need the most. Of course, you cannot expect a reimbursement of an expensive item of clothing you bought if your luggage was delayed. However, your travel will not be affected due to a loss or theft of the baggage.

#3 Coverage For Medical Emergencies

This is one of the biggest advantages of buying a travel insurance policy. In case you get injured due to an accident or suffer from a new medical condition while on your trip, you will be covered. The hospitalization costs will be borne by your insurance company under travel health insurance. The coverage also includes benefits for permanent or partial disability and death of the traveler.

#4 Support For Important Documents

While on a trip it is possible that you may lose an important document. Your identification is of utmost importance when you visit a foreign land. These documents could include your passport, visa, driving license, international driving license etc. If you lose any of such kind of documents on your trip, your insurer may help you for getting a duplicate document. This will help you avoid any hiccups in your schedule.

#5 Emergency Trip Cancellation

Your travel insurer will cover you for situations in which you may have to cancel your trip and correspondingly the scheduled flights, hotel bookings etc. The reasons for trip cancellation may include sickness, injuries, strikes or natural disasters. This cover is usually called cancellation cover. Thus, you don’t have to worry about losing the entire cost of your scheduled trip in case it gets canceled.

#6 Missed Connection

Under this cover, you can get a reimbursement for the expenses of a missed connection. For example, you are traveling from Mumbai to the USA and have a halt at London. But you miss your connection from London because your flight to London from Mumbai got delayed. Without a travel insurance policy, you would have to bear the cost of booking a new flight. Thus, always make it a point to cover all your trips with travel insurance.

#7 Compassionate Visit

In case you get injured or contract an illness during your trip leading to hospitalization for a long duration, a member of your immediate family can travel to the location. This cost will be borne by your insurance company as per the term of your travel health insurance plan. Thus, buying a travel insurance plan will ensure that you don’t feel alienated in a foreign land and you have a family member to look after you in the time of need.

#8 Peace of mind

Purchasing a travel insurance cover ensures that your trip is uninterrupted and smooth. It ensures your mind’s peace and lets you enjoy even if you lose your belongings or miss a flight.

Buying Travel Insurance

It is a good idea to buy travel insurance online. Doing so will save your time and till some extent your money. You can also anticipate the cost of your travel insurance policy by using a premium calculator. The benefits of travel insurance outweigh its cost and benefits in case of unforeseen situations.

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