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All You Need To Know About Group Travel Insurance

Team AckoJun 18, 2021

Different types of travel insurance plans are available in the market. If you are traveling in a group say, friends or family, you should consider opting for a Group Travel Insurance instead of buying individual plans. This will help you save money and enable you to avail a consolidated coverage.

Group Travel Insurance

What are the Coverages of a Group Travel Insurance Policy?

Emergency Medical Expense

In case you need medical attention due to an accident or illness while on the trip, you will be provided support for hospitalization and its bills. This coverage is especially helpful while you are traveling in a group that contains children or elderly people.

Emergency medical deportation

The coverage is especially useful while traveling with parents or grandparents i.e. elderly people. They could have special medical needs that need to be attended. Under this coverage, one can claim repatriation expenses in case the unfortunate event occurs.

Trip Cancellation

The possibility of your trip getting canceled is more when you are traveling with a large number of people. Thus, getting a cover against this situation will be beneficial. Under specific conditions, you can claim the money you spend on flight or hotel bookings, pre-paid activities, etc.

Personal accountability cover

When you travel in a group, the quantity of baggage is more. In case you lose any of your bags, you might lose things like clothes, money or documents. If you lose items of basic necessity, your travel insurance company will either provide monetary help immediately or claim compensation later. Thus, you will be able to buy the things you need. This is called a personal accountability cover It is offered to each person to replace or refund an item in case of a mishap.

Loss of documents

If you lose important documents related to your identification, in a foreign land, you could end up in a soup. But if you buy group travel insurance in India, you can ask your insurer to help you with getting a duplicate of the required document. As your insurer would be well acquainted with the process, it will be less of a hassle for you.

Exclusions of Group Travel Insurance Policy

Pre-existing diseases

The policy may not offer coverage for the treatment of illnesses you already have i.e. before buying the insurance policy or starting your trip. Some insurance companies do not offer a coverage if you are traveling abroad for the purpose of medical treatment.

Accidents, when under the influence of an intoxicating substance

If you injure yourself when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your travel insurance policy will not cover the cost of treatment. Even if this is a sudden event, you cannot expect your insurer to bear the loss.

Self-harm or suicide

Similar to the above point, a medical cover for self-inflicted injuries will not be offered under the group travel insurance in India. If a policyholder commits suicide, the costs that follow will not be borne by the insurance company.

Traveling against the advice of a medical practitioner

The cost of medical treatment will not be borne by the insurance company if you go on a trip in spite of a medical expert advising against it. You should always pay  heed to the advice given by a doctor and cancel or delay the trip if you are not physically fit to travel.

How to Buy a Group Travel Insurance Policy?

Buying a group travel insurance policy is very easy. The traditional method of insuring a trip was to get in touch with the insurance agent and request him/her for a meeting. The plan was reviewed and bought. This process was time-consuming. Now, things have changed. Now, one can easily buy travel insurance online in the matter of a few clicks. Before buying a suitable plan, gauge your requirements, compare plans, review coverages and exclusions, read the terms and conditions, and then make the payment.

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