New Year is around the corner and many of you must be planning a trip outside India to ring in the New Year. After all, December is the season of festivities, traveling and spending quality time with your family, isn’t it? A trip to an exotic location promises all these and also lets you explore unfamiliar places and beautiful landscapes. However, no trip can be planned without opting for travel insurance.

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International travel insurance policies provide you a comprehensive coverage against emergencies which you might face on your international trip. Especially in case of any medical emergency which results in hospitalization, a travel insurance policy comes in handy. It provides you cashless hospitalization cover along with the facility of medical evacuation if need be. Since medical costs are quite expensive in foreign countries, the policy proves to be a boon. Moreover, other possible contingencies are also taken care of by the policy. Whether you lose your passport or baggage or whether you face a third party liability, the policy would pay for the financial losses suffered. As such, international travel insurance coverage is a must when traveling abroad.

When you consider travel insurance in India for securing your trip, having the best policy is a must. After all, why spend money when you cannot buy the best?

For the best travel insurance coverage for your New Year’s travel, you should look at the following points –

The size of the cover

The first thing to ensure under your international travel insurance plan is the coverage that you choose. The level of coverage should be sufficient to take care of the expected financial losses in the country you are traveling to. If your destination country is a developed country where things are expensive, having a higher coverage is a must. Moreover, your coverage should also depend on the number of members covered. The plan should be sufficient to cover each family member traveling with you. If you are wise in selecting the coverage amount, your policy would turn out to be the best.

Coverage features

After picking the coverage level, look at the coverage features offered by the plan. Choose a plan which has extensive coverage benefits. However, such benefits should also be relevant to your needs.

Add-ons required

Travel insurance in India also allows you the choice of opting for additional coverage benefits. These benefits come at an additional premium and help you enhance the scope of coverage available under the plan.

Trip duration

The best travel insurance policy would be the one which covers you right from the day you leave for the trip till the day you return. As such, the duration of the policy is another important consideration for you to check. If it is less, you get coverage for a limited period and if it is more you pay unnecessary premiums. The duration of the policy should, therefore, be equal to the duration of your trip.

The premium rate

The premium of the policy should also be affordable so that it does not burn a hole in your pocket. However, when you consider premium, you should also consider the coverage features. A policy with higher coverage features would have a higher premium but it would also offer you a wider scope of coverage. So, choose a premium which will be commensurate with the coverage features and is also affordable.

To ensure that your policy is best on all the above-mentioned parameters, you should compare the available travel insurance policies before you choose one. Comparing allows you to find the best and the most suitable policy from a list of plans available in the market. So, compare and then choose the best travel insurance coverage for your trip this New Year.

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