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How To Renew Travel Insurance Policy?

Team AckoJun 16, 2021

Travel insurance is a type of insurance you can buy to safeguard yourself and/or your loved ones against a number of travel-related mishaps. Securing your trip with travel insurance will provide peace of mind and monetary support in case of emergencies.

How To Renew Travel Insurance Policy?

Through travel insurance you can get assistance for situations like Medical expenses, personal accident, daily cash allowance, loss of essential documents or baggage, legal expenses, trip cancellation/delay, emergency accommodation, hijack distress, home, and fire insurance, etc. The complete details of your travel insurance plan can be found in the policy document.

How To Renew Travel Insurance?

Like any other insurance policy, your travel insurance can be renewed either via offline means or online. Renewing travel insurance online is the modern method, whereas the offline method is the traditional and a time-consuming way to get the job done. Let’s discuss how you can complete the process of travel insurance renewal using both the methods.

Travel Insurance Offline

If you wish to renew your travel insurance policy offline, you will need to carry out a considerable amount of manual paperwork. This is one of the biggest differences between renewing travel insurance online versus offline. Here are the steps to renew travel insurance offline:

Step 1

Get in touch with your insurance agent. If you wish to make changes in your insurance policy, you can convey the same to the agent.

Step 2

Once a meeting with your insurance agent begins, you will be shown various options that you can include in your new policy. If you wish to make changes in the current policy, you request your agent for the same.

Step 3

After you select a plan for travel insurance renewal, you need to fill out the application form, provide the physical copies of the required documents as well as your previous policy number. These could include photocopies or originals as per the rules of the insurance company. Next, read the fine print, terms, and conditions, exclusions and coverage of the plan you selected.

Step 4

Make the payment via cheque or other offline methods. Remember to address the payment in the name of the insurance company and not your agent. The policy document would be mailed to your address within a few working days.

Travel Insurance Online

Renewing your policy offline is tedious. Instead, opt for the online method to save time and also a bit of your money. Here is how you can renew your travel insurance policy online.

Step 1

If you want to continue with the same travel insurance plan, all you need to do is visit your insurer’s website and log in to your account. Next, select your current policy and navigate to renew. Go through the details of the plan and read the document.

Step 2

After you are sure of buying the same plan, make the payment via any of the numerous online payment options like net banking, credit or debit card, etc.

Step 3

You will receive your new travel insurance policy instantly at your preferred email address. You can print the document and use it as required.

Things to Remember

Buying travel insurance in India is very beneficial, however, if you do not invest in the right plan, you may be left exposed to risks in case of an emergency. Here are things to remember while buying or renewing travel insurance in India:

  • Buy a plan that suits your needs

  • Opting for a low-priced plan may leave you underinsured

  • Try to customize the plan to cover your requirements

  • Consider opting for a plan that covers your loved ones

  • Go through the geographical limits of your insurance plan

  • Always read the coverages and exclusions while buying or renewing the plan

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