When we set out for a trip of any kind, people wish us a happy journey. We want our trip to be a smooth affair and if it’s a vacation, we want to return with a lot of good memories. To ensure this, one should insulate his/her trip against unfortunate events with travel insurance.

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Insurance covers a wide range of situations when you are travelling. However, there are certain conditions which are not claimable. Which means, one cannot make a claim in some situations, let us understand these in detail.

What is not covered Under Travel Insurance In India?

  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions

When you buy travel insurance, your insurer promises you a set of travel insurance coverage in case you face unfortunate events during your trip. While on one hand, travel insurance will cover you in case of a medical emergency like hospitalization due to accidents. It does not cover you for pre-existing conditions which call for medical attention which you already suffer from.

  • Injuries due to Dangerous Activities

Traveling for a vacation implies exploring unknown places or enjoying to the fullest. It is always a much-needed break from the routine. Even though travel insurance in India covers you for an accident, it does not cover a person if the accident is due to an involvement in a dangerous activity. At the time of making a claim, revealing the reason for an accident is necessary. Usually, insurers do not cover the cost of medical treatments if the policyholder is injured due to activities like illegal racing, stunts, participating in dangerous acts involving fire, etc.

  • Self-inflicted Injuries

Any type of insurance covers a person against unforeseen and unfortunate events that are beyond the control of the person. If a person has self-inflicted injuries or if he/she is willingly participating in dangerous acts, travel insurance does not include a coverage for the cost of medical treatments.

  • Intoxicating Substance

Consuming intoxicating substances like alcohol or drugs beyond the prescribed limit, while on a vacation is a common thing. But, to behave responsibly after the consumption of such substances is important. Just like you cannot claim car insurance if you drink and drive (it is a criminal offense to drink and drive), you cannot claim for accidents which cause losses when you are not in the right physical or mental state.

  • Weather conditions

It is a good practice to try and understand a place before you actually visit the area. This is now possible all thanks to the internet. Travel insurance will take care of your financial losses if the weather starts to turn bad after you reach your destination. However, if the climatic conditions are already bad, your travel insurance will not cover the losses.

  • War

Travel insurance does not cover a person for any losses arising due to a war or ongoing political unrest. The simple solution is to try and avoid visiting war zones. If you decide otherwise, you’ll have to bear the cost in case of financial losses.

  • Carelessness

When you buy travel insurance, one of the coverages is cover for the loss of baggage. Under this cover, you will be given a compensation if you lose your belongings. However, it is very important that you do your best to protect and take care of your personal belongings. If you are careless about this, your insurer may reject your claim. Be sure to collect all your bags, suitcases, backpacks, etc. Also, do not ask anyone else to look after your baggage.

How to Buy Travel Insurance?

Buying a travel insurance policy is necessary if you wish to cover yourself financially against any mishaps. Travel insurance can be bought online or offline. For buying the policy offline, you need to visit the insurance company personally or buy travel insurance through an agent. Nowadays, buying travel insurance online is very convenient, you just need to visit the insurer’s website, submit your details and make payment. You can buy travel insurance faster by the online method.

Be sure to read your travel insurance policy. It contains what is covered and what is not covered under the insurance plan. Avoid getting into situations that are not covered by your insurer.

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