Australia is a country that has a lot to offer for tourists as well as travelers. From the buzz of an international city to the calmness of the countryside, from beautiful beaches to tranquil nature reserves, Australia’s got it all. As it is a vast country, city-hopping might be time consuming. Therefore, plan your trip accordingly and do not forget travel insurance in Australia. Purchasing travel insurance for Australia from India is a way of minimizing financial losses and ensuring financial security in case of mishaps.

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Read about essentials in case of travel insurance for Australia from India.

Types of Travel Insurance for Australia

The type of travel insurance policy you choose should depend upon the purpose of your visit, and the nature of the traveler. For example, if someone is traveling to Australia for studies, then the purpose becomes education and the nature of the traveler becomes a student. For that, you can opt for a Student Travel Insurance plan. Similarly, if it is a business visit, there are corporate single-trip and multi-trip plans available as well.

In case you are traveling with your family, you can opt for a family floater travel insurance plan. There are dedicated senior citizen travel insurance policies also. Apart from this, there are individual travel policies as well. Such policies offer maximum coverage but might be on the expensive side. Therefore, you must find out what suits your requirements the most and purchase that plan.

Basic Coverage for Travel Insurance for Australia

The following instances are usually covered when you opt for basic international travel insurance from India:

  •        Expenses incurred for medical assistance
  •        Cash for meeting hospitalization expenses on a daily basis
  •        Compensation for disablement due to accident
  •        Compensation for death due to accident
  •        Repatriation of remains
  •        Loss of baggage
  •        Loss of critical documents such as visa, passport, etc.
  •        Flight cancellation
  •        Hotel extension in case of an emergency
  •        Hijack distress allowance
  •     Note that self-inflicted injuries, involvement in illegal activities, damage due to  war-like situations, and injuries arising due to drug-induced activities will not be insured.

Add-on covers for International Travel Insurance from India

Apart from the above-mentioned basic coverage, you can choose Add-on covers for strengthening your insurance policy. Here are two Add-ons that are gaining popularity:

  • Cover for home

When you and your family travel abroad for a long vacation in Australia, it more often than not means that your house in India is vacant. This means it is vulnerable to burglary. Usually, Indian homes are not that well-equipped to handle such a situation. The security system is either absent or not adept in handling such instances meticulously. Thus, you can go for a home protection Add-on while you are on your vacation. This insurance cover will last for the duration of your trip and cover your house against fire, theft, etc.

  • Adventure sports Add-on

Earlier, insurance companies did not cover adventure sports. It was prominently featured in their list of exceptions. However, with the rise in demand for such experiences and the professionalism associated with it, some insurance companies do offer a cover for specific injuries faced due to adventure sports. Since Australia as a destination offers a lot of exciting opportunities related to adventure sports, you can consider this cover.

Peace of mind

Whether you raise a claim for travel insurance or not does not solely determine the policy’s usefulness. Travel insurance is needed because it provides peace of mind. It offers a backing that if unfortunately, something goes wrong, the insurance company is there to look after you and your insured family members accompanying you on tour.

Time to pack your bags mate, the kangaroos are waiting! Avail extensive travel insurance and enjoy your journey!

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