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Travelling Abroad With Family? Don’t Forget Family Travel Insurance

Team AckoJun 15, 2021

Today’s busy lifestyle doesn’t allow family members to bond with each other like old times. In case of nuclear families residing in cities, a family get-together is often reserved for festive occasions such as Diwali or special occasions such as anniversaries.

Don’t Forget Family Travel Insurance

In such a scenario, a family vacation is a great opportunity for loved ones to explore a foreign destination together and strengthen their bond. However, one must not forget that accidents can happen anywhere, even in a foreign land. They can’t be predicted but can be taken precaution against with the help of an extensive travel insurance coverage.

What is the meaning of Family Travel Insurance coverage?

Just as a travel insurance plan for an individual insures one against travel-related perils, a Family Travel Insurance plan insures the entire family. It is also known as a Family Floater Policy.

What’s covered under a basic family travel insurance policy:

  • Expenses related to treating medical emergencies

  • Arranging for cash related to hospitalization

  • Lost baggage

  • Lost passport

  • Legal liabilities

  • Flight delay

  • Accidental disability/death

What’s not covered under a basic family travel insurance policy:

  • Any kind of liabilities associate with war-like situations

  • Acts of terrorism (some insurance companies might offer a separate Add-on cover for it)

  • Acting against medical advice

  • Intoxication-induced events

  • Criminal acts

Major benefits of travel insurance coverage while traveling abroad with family

  • Financial security

An extensive travel health insurance plan covers expenses related to emergency hospitalization and other expenses related to the treatment availed. As you might be aware, hospitalization in a foreign land can be financially draining. Thus, a travel health insurance policy is a good way to ensure financial security in case of such mishaps. Other, generic expenses might also be covered depending upon your travel health insurance policy.

  • Document-related Concerns

Loss of passport and other identity-related documents can get you in trouble with the immigration officials of a foreign land. Imagine what a huge task it might be to manage such an issue on your own. Not to mention that your daily travel plan will go for a toss! Even if one family member loses their passport, the entire family will feel the anxiety and discomfort because of the situation. A travel insurance company is well versed to tackle such unpleasant instances. They have contacts with foreign embassies and manage the document-related concerns successfully.

  • Worry-free travel

A travel insurance policy is essential for a worry-free trip. And it assumes more importance when it comes to a travel plan that insures your entire family in a foreign land. With a travel policy, you do not need to worry about ‘what if’ scenarios, as your travel insurance company will take care of them. Be it something like a baggage loss or legal liabilities arising out of the insured person’s actions, your travel insurance company will be by your side, provided you haven’t violated any of the policy’s terms and conditions. This makes it all the more important to read, get clarification on, and understand these terms and conditions before purchasing the travel insurance policy.

Travel Insurance Online

It might be mandatory to avail travel insurance if you want to visit certain countries. Make sure you cater to their requirements regarding travel insurance. You can talk to a travel insurance company’s executive to know specific travel insurance requirements (if any) of the country/countries you are set to visit with your family.

Purchasing travel insurance online is an easy way to insure your foreign trip. Make sure to pick the right coverage that suits your requirements.

Happy journey, make memories that last a lifetime.

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