People usually travel abroad for work, leisure, or meeting relatives. In all situations, they want their travel to be stress-free. No one wants to be stranded in a foreign land with a lost passport, face issues such as lost baggage, or be hospitalized. Such mishaps are unpredictable but that doesn’t mean one cannot be cautious about them. Travel insurance is a precautionary measure against such mishaps.

Understanding Natural Disaster Coverage in Travel Insurance - Acko

Purchasing a travel insurance policy does not guarantee a smooth trip but it does guarantee financial support in case things go wrong. A lot of people might wonder whether financial losses due to natural disaster are covered by a travel insurance policy or not? The answer is Yes. Natural disasters are covered under a travel policy. Read ahead to understand about natural disaster coverage under a travel insurance policy.

  •        Medical cover

One of the major financial issues one faces in a foreign land is related to medical care. Paying hospital bills in foreign currency can drain away your savings. Therefore, one must always opt for an extensive medical cover in a travel policy. A natural disaster in a foreign land can lead to medical issues for tourists. Such issues will be covered under a comprehensive travel plan.

  •        Daily hospitalization allowance

Travel insurance also includes a fixed daily hospitalization allowance. Usually, it comes in the picture if the insured is hospitalized for more than two days.

  •        Personal Accident

Natural disasters in the form of floods or earthquakes are devastating. If one is impacted from them directly (physical injuries), chances of damage are high. People can face permanent disabilities as well. Worse, one can die. With travel insurance, the insured is provided compensation for partial or permanent total disability, and the family is compensated in case of death.

  •        Catastrophe evacuation

It becomes difficult to immediately move out of the country where a natural disaster has taken place. With travel insurance, the insurance company provides catastrophe evacuation for such situations. The company will pay for the expenses incurred for the return of the insured to the country of origin or other nearby safe destination.

  •        Trip cancellation and interruption

Natural disasters of a massive scale take a toll on the infrastructure of the country. This can cause trip cancellation or interruption. Travel insurance provides a cover for such instances.

  •        Emergency hotel extension

A natural disaster can confine people in a particular region. This might mean reconsidering the travel itinerary and the hotel stay for tourists. Keeping that in mind, travel insurance policy includes a provision for emergency hotel extension. The cost of the extra days spent in the hotel can be reimbursed.

Buy Travel Insurance Online

Traditionally, people only had one option to buy travel insurance – the offline method. The offline method had two options: purchasing from the insurance company’s branch office or from an agent. Under both cases, the policy was being sold to the customer rather than the customer purchasing the policy. In the sense that the customer did not have much bargaining power. However, things have changed for the better with the advent of online insurance.

Now, you can buy travel insurance online easily. It is a convenient and an economical way of securing your trip financially. A travel insurance policy can be purchased online quickly. Unlike, the offline method, an online policy can be purchased from anywhere at any time, provided you have a smartphone, an active internet connection.

Make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing travel insurance by reading and understanding the policy’s terms and conditions in detail.

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