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What does Domestic Travel Insurance Cover?

Team AckoJun 15, 2021

People usually associate travel insurance with international trips. However, domestic travel insurance is as much important, if not more. Risks associated with travel, more or less remain the same whether it is an international trip or a domestic one. Yes, the expenses can be massive in case of an international trip. However, expenses are still expenses when incurred in national currency. Therefore, one must research and purchase an ideal domestic travel insurance policy to travel worry-free within India.

What does Domestic Travel Insurance Cover?

Read ahead to know more about domestic travel insurance.

Coverage and benefits of domestic travel insurance in India.

Medical expenses

Falling ill during a trip can be disastrous. Not only does your trip gets spoilt but you have to spend money for treating your illness, something that wasn’t a part of your plan. Domestic travel insurance in India covers such medical expenses so that you do not have to face financial losses.

Baggage Loss

Whether you travel light or with lots of suitcases, loss of such baggage can prove to be a major impediment in your journey. Not only is there a loss of baggage but also of time and effort in managing your trip without the baggage. Domestic travel insurance in India covers you for loss of baggage due to theft or otherwise.

Personal Accident Cover

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. Therefore, travel insurance covers travelers against injuries faced during their insured trip. Accidental death and disability are also covered.

Flight Delay

There can be numerous reasons for a delay in your flight. It can be traumatic to miss a connecting flight. Travel insurance provides a cover against such risks.

Personal Liability

There is a chance that your actions while on a trip can cause damage to other person or their property. In such cases, you will be held liable to compensate them for the losses suffered. A travel insurance policy can come in handy here as well.

Emergency Cash

No matter how digital-savvy one becomes, sometimes the need for cash can’t be overlooked. Travel insurance companies know the importance of cash and make it available during difficult situations.

Eligibility Criteria

You can avail domestic travel insurance if you are in the age group of 18 to 65 and are travelling in India via roadways, airways, or railways. Your destination also plays a crucial role in deciding the insurance cover. Your insurance company might also want to know the duration of your trip, your health condition, and other such details.

Exclusions of a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

Along with knowing the coverage, you should also educate yourself about the exclusions of a domestic travel insurance policy. Knowing about the exclusions helps to make an informed choice and raise claims in an appropriate manner. Here is a list of exclusions followed by most of the insurance providers:

  • Expenses that are non-medical are not covered

  • If doctor’s advice is not followed and the patient is traveling despite doctor’s order of not doing so

  • In case the accident was caused under the influence of intoxicants such as alcohol, drugs, etc.

  • If the injury has incurred because of self-harm

  • If the insured person got injured while involved in an illegal activity

  • Losses due to civil war or war-like situations shall not be covered

  • Injuries sustained due to involvement in activities such as adventure sports might not be covered

Travel Insurance Online in India

Nowadays, it has become simple to insure your trip online. You can purchase travel insurance online in India from your mobile phone as well, if you have an active internet connection. You just have to visit your preferred insurance provider’s website, provide necessary details, select a plan, make the payment, and receive the policy in your inbox. If you need to submit certain reports or the insurer needs you to undergo some health-related tests, the same shall be communicated to you and the process shall be completed swiftly.

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