Car Engine Protection Cover

Natural calamities like floods are one of the primary culprits behind car engine damages during monsoon. However, a basic insurance policy does not cover the damages to your engine. With an engine protection add-on you could enhance your coverage further.

What Is An Engine Protection Cover?

An engine protection cover is an add-on to your comprehensive car insurance that is meant to cover any damages to the engine. It thus compensates you or pays for the repair or replacement of your engine and its parts like pistons, connecting rods, etc. This damage could have been caused due to an accident or even a natural disaster like flood.

What all does it cover?

–              Damages due to the leakage of lubricating oil.

–              Damages caused due to water ingression.

–              Damage to the gear box.

–              Hydrostatic lock that happens when you try to start a wet engine.

The scope of coverage under engine protection add-on varies from one car insurance company to another. It’s always wise to read the policy wordings carefully before buying the car insurance cover.

How much does an Engine Protection add-on cost?

The actual cost of the add-on varies with the car model. Usually, though, it costs about 2 percent of the Insured Declared Value (IDV)—the market value of your car.

Why is it Advisable to Buy an Engine Protection Add-on?

Suppose, you are on a vacation having the time of your life with your family.

But, amidst the fun, you get a call from your watchman that it is raining cats and dogs in your locality and it is likely to be flooded.

Your car is parked on the road and the watchman is helpless since he doesn’t have the keys.

Hours later, you get another call saying that your car is partially submerged in water and it is unlikely to start again.

The result

The engine of your car needs to be replaced. The estimated of cost replacement is Rs. 1.2 lakh. It’s a large amount. You feel really bad.


You don’t bother much.

Nearly six months back, when you renewed your car insurance, your insurance salesperson recommended buying the ‘Engine Protection’ add-on for Rs. 17,000.

Considering that you lived in a low-lying area, you figured it was worth the risk. And it promptly came handy during the monsoon, when the flood water affected the car’s engine.

Today, you rest assured that the insurer will pay for the replacement cost.

All you had to do is avoid kick-starting the car so that the water does not cause further damage. Let your insurance company and it’s surveyor take it from there.

What Does an Engine Protection Add-on Not Cover?

The repairs or replacement of a car engine could cost you a bomb. The major benefit of such a cover is that you do not have to pay for such damages from your pocket. An engine protection cover can, thus, be quite beneficial, especially during monsoon.

However, you must know that it does not provide a cover in the following cases:

  • Force-start the car

You will not be compensated if you try to start your car while it is submerged in water. This is because the engine is designed to shut down and not let water in. However, when you kick-start the car forcefully, the water enters the engine. This can cause great damages.

Hence, it will be considered as a deliberate move of damaging the engine. The insurer may not accept your claim.

  • Consequential Damages

Damages to your engine are also not covered in the event when the damages were not directly result of an accident. Let’s say your car’s bonnet was damaged in an accident, and you decided drive your car to the nearby cashless garage and informed the insurance company. However, on your way to the garage, the oil leaked into the engine. What will happen? Yes, you guessed it right – that’s a consequential damage not directly caused by an accident. Thus, your insurance company will not pay for it.

  • Not unlimited:

This add-on comes with a limited validity. You cannot make more than two claims in a year for engine damage with this add-on.

  • Age limit:

Most of the insurers offer this cover to cars that are not older than 5 years old.

Who Should You Buy The Engine Protection Add-On Cover?

This cover is a must-have if:

  • You live in a flood-prone area
  • You have a really expensive car
  • You want to be avoid any and all risks
  • You bought a brand new car and want to have that extra layer of insurance cover for the engine too.
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