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How Car Insurance Add-ons Save Your Car During Monsoon

Team AckoAug 11, 2021

The monsoon season is a beautiful time for the ecosystem to regenerate and flourish. But, unfortunately, it is also a time when cities, towns, and villages experience heavy rains that can damage properties and vehicles. Whether you have parked your car or driving on the road, heavy rains can lead to damages to your car. This can be in the form of water entering the engine or even destroying your car’s interior.

In such situations, including valuable car insurance add-ons to Comprehensive Car Insurance can protect you financially and nullify the losses. Read ahead to learn about useful add-ons that bring valuable coverage for your car during the monsoon season.

How Car Insurance Add-ons Save Your Car During Monsoon

What are Add-ons in Car Insurance?

Add-ons in motor insurance act as specific coverage that extend the standard plan’s coverage. It can be purchased with the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy. You can include add-ons while buying or renewing the car insurance plan for a slightly higher premium.

Importance of Car Insurance Add-ons

The Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy covers damages to your car only to a certain extent. For example, damages to the engine parts and the cost of consumables are not covered under the basic plan. However, you can include add-on covers that enhance the primary policy’s coverage by paying a slightly extra premium.

There is a wide range of add-ons you can choose from based on your requirements, especially add-ons that help you during monsoons. Be it flooding, storms, cyclones, earthquakes, etc., it may leave devastating damages to your car. 

Hence, the wisest way to protect yourself against damages that are not covered in the basic plan is to include essential add-ons, especially those which come to your rescue during the monsoon season.

Car Insurance Add-ons You Should Consider to Save Your Car During Monsoon

While the Third-party Car Insurance Policy covers third-party liabilities such as injury/death of the third-party or damages to their property, the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy covers damages/losses to your car due to accidents, natural calamities, man-made disasters, fire, etc. However, both the plans do not cover damages caused due to flooding such as engine failure or provide services such as roadside assistance or emergency outstation cover, etc. To make your car monsoon-ready, here are add-ons that you should consider buying with the Comprehensive Insurance Plan.

Engine Protection Cover

The car insurance add-on compensates you for the replacement or repair cost of your vehicle’s engine parts. Damages to the engine can be due to water ingression and hydrostatic lock caused when you start the wet engine, leak engine oil, or damage components of the car’s engine, or gearbox, etc.

Example: The monsoon season can be unpredictable. If water enters your car’s engine, it can cause severe damage to the engine. In addition, replacement or repair of the engine parts is expensive. In such cases, the Engine Protection cover add-on comes to your rescue by covering the cost of the replacement or repair of engine parts.

Return to Invoice Cover

In case of damages that are beyond repair or in case of car theft, the basic car insurance plan will compensate you with the Insured Declared Value (IDV) or the approximate market value. ACKO will consider the depreciation of the car before settling the claim. However, with the Return to Invoice cover, ACKO will compensate the amount mentioned in the car’s invoice value, including the road tax and the registration charges.

Example: Flooding due to heavy rains, storms or cyclones can cause severe damages to your car. Sometimes damages can be beyond repair. In such cases, the Return to Invoice cover will compensate you with the car’s purchase price or the invoice value.

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Consumables Cover

The Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy does not cover the cost of consumable items such as nuts and bolts, screws, engine and gearbox oil, oil filter, distilled water, bearings, etc. However, with the Consumables cover, you can avoid out-of-pocket expenses while settling the repair bill.

Example: In case your car gets damaged due to flooding, storms, cyclones, or earthquakes, you have to get the car repaired and bear the cost of consumable items that the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan does not cover. By adding the Consumables cover, you can reduce the cash outflow from your pocket.

Roadside Assistance Cover

In emergencies such as an accident or breakdown, the Roadside Assistance cover will provide emergency assistance. The Comprehensive Insurance Plan or the Third-party Insurance Plan does not offer such services. Hence, it is suggested you purchase the add-on with the Comprehensive Policy for broader coverage.

Example: In case your car has a flat tyre, ACKO will send its technicians to help fix or replace the flat tyre. Other services include towing, fuel support, taxi support, jumpstarting the battery, emptying the fuel tank, and picking up the car.

Outstation Emergency Cover

If your car breaks down or meets with an accident outside the 100km radius of your place of residence, and you are unable to drive the vehicle, the add-on secures you against accidents/breakdowns. Also, if the repair takes more than 12 hours, you get a reimbursement of Rs. 2,500.

Example: If you have gone on a holiday or visiting relatives/friends and your car breaks down, you may be stranded and require support until the car is fixed. During such instances, the add-on comes to your rescue by providing monetary assistance to help you tide over the difficult times.

Zero Depreciation Cover

During the car insurance claim settlement, depreciation of parts being repaired or replaced is considered, and then the compensation is paid out. However, via the Zero Depreciation cover, we will pay the cost of repair without considering the depreciation of the parts being repaired or replaced, saving you money.

Example: When you drive your car through water-logged roads, there is a possibility that motor parts can be damaged, and the value of your vehicle depreciates along with regular wear and tear. Hence, if the car is damaged due to water ingression, you can avoid the depreciation factor and get compensation for the entire repair bill through the add-on.


Natural calamities are unpredictable and can cause severe damages to your car. Hence, securing your finances in case of repairs or replacement of parts of your car is vital. While the basic plan protects you against damages to your vehicle, add-ons provide specific coverage that the basic plan cannot. Therefore, during the monsoons, it is suggested that you buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy and extend its coverage with valuable add-ons for broader coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about add-ons in car insurance.


Does car insurance cover if my car gets flooded?

While the Comprehensive Insurance Policy covers losses or damages caused due to flooding, it does not cover damages to the engine parts or gearbox. For that, you can buy the Engine Protection cover add-on to extend the primary plan’s coverage.

What are the benefits of add-ons in car insurance?

The Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy covers damages or losses arising due to an accident, natural or man-made calamities, theft of the vehicle, fire or explosion and total loss. However, coverage for losses such as engine damage, key or key lockset damage, personal accident cover for passengers, roadside assistance, etc., are not covered. That’s where the add-ons provide these specific coverages for an additional premium amount.

Does car insurance provide financial protection in case of a total loss?

Yes, the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy provides financial cover if the damages to your car are beyond repair. However, the claim will be settled after considering the depreciation factor. That being said, by including the Zero Depreciation cover, you can negate the depreciation factor.


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