Before 2020, Daman and Diu were a union territory. In 2020, they are a part of a union territory along with Dadra and Nagar Haveli. This new union territory is called Dadra and Nagar Haveli, and Daman and Diu. These four areas along with Goa had a heavy Portuguese presence before India’s independence. The Portuguese ruled these lands for almost 400 years.

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90% of the people in Daman and Diu belong to the Hindu community. They speak Gujarati along with Hindi and English. Daman and Diu are two districts where the town of Diu and Daman city are its main settlement areas. Administrative offices in Daman and Diu are closed on public holidays. Read ahead to know more about Daman and Diu public holidays.

Public Holidays Calendar in Daman and Diu:

Here is some crucial information about Daman and Diu’s general/public holidays.

  • Public holidays in Daman and Diu are inclusive of religious festivals.
  • Country’s prominent days such as Independence Day are declared as holidays.
  • The list of holidays in Daman and Diu for 2020 is shared by government authorities.
  • All Sundays are considered as public holidays in Daman and Diu.

Daman and Diu Public Holidays List 2020:

Here’s a table in the day-date-event format that showcases Daman and Diu’s public holidays for 2020. Note that this is an overview there might be a change in the dates of some of the festivals.

Public Holidays in Daman and Diu During January:

DayDateHoliday Name
Sunday26-JanRepublic Day

Public Holidays in Daman and Diu During February:

DayDateHoliday Name
Friday21-FebMaha Shivratri

Public Holidays in Daman and Diu During March:

DayDateHoliday Name

Public Holidays in Daman and Diu During April:

DayDateHoliday Name
Thursday2-AprRam Navami
Friday10-AprGood Friday

Public Holidays in Daman and Diu During May:

DayDateHoliday Name

Public Holidays in Daman and Diu During August:

DayDateHoliday Name
Monday3-AugRaksha Bandhan
Saturday15-AugIndependence Day
Saturday22-AugGanesh Chaturthi

Public Holidays in Daman and Diu During October:

DayDateHoliday Name
Friday02-OctGandhi Jayanti
Monday26-OctVijaya Dashami

Public Holidays in Daman and Diu During November:

DayDateHoliday Name

Public Holidays in Daman and Diu During December:

DayDateHoliday Name
Saturday19-DecLiberation Day

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Note: This list is followed throughout Daman and Diu including the below-mentioned locations.

  • Bhimpore
  • Dadhel
  • Dunetha
  • Kachigam
  • Kadaiya
  • Marwad

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Popular Celebrations and Festivals in Daman and Diu:

Apart from widely celebrated festivals like Diwali, Maha Shivratri, and Eid, there are several local festivals celebrated in Daman and Diu. Visiting the union territory during the festive season will add another dimension to your visit. Spending Christmas and New Year in Diu and performing Garba with the locals in Daman will make your trip worthwhile. Here’s a list of some of those festivals.

Garba: Garba dance is held during the Navratri period. It is held during October or November for nine nights. Goddess Amba is worshipped during this festival. People dress in colourful traditional costumes and perform the Garba dance. People from different communities come together to celebrate this vibrant festival.

Nariyal Purnima: The Koli tribe has a lot of influence in Daman and Diu. As a result, this festival is celebrated as a start to the fishing season. The God of Water and Wind are offered coconuts during this festival. The fisherfolk give their offerings seeking blessings from their God. The Coconut Food Festival is one of the main events during this festival.

Gangaji Fair: This festival is an annual affair. Lord Shiva is worshipped during the Gangaji Fair by the local people. This fair is held at Dabhel in March. People from nearby districts come in great numbers to witness this fair.

Folk Dance Festival: Different types of folk dances are displayed during this festival. People come to watch the following folk dances: Mando Dance, Verdigao, and Vira Dance.

Christmas: Over the years, due to the presence of the Portuguese, Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Daman and Diu. Houses are decorated and lanterns are lit to celebrate Christmas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the relevance of public holidays?

Public holidays can be viewed as days on which the majority of the offices are closed. Employees can take a break from their usual schedule on such days.

Are private companies closed on public holidays?

Usually, just like administrative offices, private companies also keep their offices closed on public holidays. However, it is not mandatory to do so on all public holidays.

What are restricted public holidays?

In simple words, restricted public holidays are optional holidays. Employees can take leave on such holidays as per their convenience. Usually, employees have the option to take leaves on two restricted public holidays.

What if I have some urgent work in an administrative office on a public holiday?

Majority of the offices will be closed on public holidays. You need to go through the list of public holidays to be aware of the days when the offices will be closed and plan your work accordingly.

Are educational institutions also closed during public holidays?

As public holidays include religious festivals and other important days, educational institutions are closed on such days so that the students, teachers, and other staff can spend time with friends and family during these occasions.

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