Banks play a crucial role in a country’s and state’s economic progress. Those who work in banks are facilitators of this progress as they help citizens to process their banking transactions. Just like citizens take a break from their every-day work-life, bank employees also deserve days off.

Hyderabad Bank Holidays List 2020 - Acko

Bank holidays in Hyderabad are held periodically throughout the year. A list of Hyderabad bank holidays is circulated in advance so that citizens can plan their banking transactions accordingly. Hyderabad bank holidays are mostly declared on national and state-specific events and festivals. Read ahead to know more about bank holidays in Hyderabad in 2020.

Bank Holidays in Hyderabad Calendar:

Hyderabad bank holidays Calendar in 2020 comprise of Sundays, second and fourth Saturdays and festivals and events. The city follows the holiday calendar stated by the state of Telangana. Here’s a list of bank holidays in Hyderabad.

Table showing Hyderabad bank holidays. (Note that bank holidays in Hyderabad may be subject to change.)

Bank Holidays in Hyderabad During January:

Day Date Holiday
Saturday 11-Jan Second Saturday
Tuesday 14-Jan Makar Sankranti
Saturday 25-Jan Fourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Hyderabad during February:

Day Date Holiday
Saturday 08-Feb Second Saturday
Friday 21-Feb Maha Shivratri
Saturday 22-Feb Fourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Hyderabad during March:

Day Date Holiday
Tuesday 10-Mar Holi
Saturday 14-Mar Second Saturday
Wednesday 25-Mar Ugadi
Saturday 28-Mar Fourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Hyderabad during April:

Day Date Holiday
Thursday 02-Apr Ram Navami
Friday 10-Apr Good Friday
Saturday 11-Apr Second Saturday
Tuesday 14-Apr Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayant
Saturday 25-Apr Fourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Hyderabad during May:

Day Date Holiday
Friday 1-May May Day
Saturday 09-May Second Saturday
Saturday 23-May Fourth Saturday
Monday 25-May Eid-Ul-Fitr
Tuesday 26 Mar Eid-Ul-Fitr

Bank holidays in Hyderabad during June:

Day Date Holiday
Saturday 13-Jun Second Saturday
Saturday 27-Jun Fourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Hyderabad during July:

Day Date Holiday
Saturday 11-Jul Second Saturday
Monday 20-Jul Bonalu
Saturday 25-Jul Fourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Hyderabad during August:

Day Date Holiday
Saturday 01-Aug Bakri Eid
Saturday 08-Aug Second Saturday
Tuesday 11-Aug Janmashtami
Saturday 15-Aug Independence Day
Saturday 22-Aug Ganesh Chaturthi

Bank holidays in Hyderabad during September:

Day Date Holiday
Saturday 12-Sep Second Saturday
Friday 18-Sep First day of Bathukamma
Saturday 26-Sep Fourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Hyderabad during October:

Day Date Holiday
Friday 02-Oct Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
Saturday 10-Oct Second Saturday
Saturday 24-Oct Fourth Saturday
Friday 30-Oct Eid-E-Milad

Bank holidays in Hyderabad during November:

Day Date Holiday
Saturday 14-Nov Diwali
Saturday 28-Nov Fourth Saturday
Monday 30-Nov Karthika Purnima

Bank holidays in Hyderabad during December:

Day Date Holiday
Saturday 12-Dec Second Saturday
Friday 25-Dec Christmas
Saturday 26-Dec Fourth Saturday

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Note: The above-mentioned holiday list is applicable all over the state of Telangana including the following top cities.

  • Hyderabad
  • Warangal
  • Khammam
  • Nalgonda
  • Ramagundam
  • Nizamabad
  • Mahabubnagar
  • Suryapet
  • Miryalaguda
  • Karimnagar

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Places to Visit in Hyderabad:

Hyderabad as a city is a mix of old-world charm and new-world wonder. On one hand, it has the massive Golconda Fort while on the other it has the Ramoji Film city. You can book your stay in the heart of the city and easily visit places in and around in a day. Here are popular tourist destinations in Hyderabad.

  • Golconda Fort: If you are a history lover, this fort should top your list of places to visit in Hyderabad. The Golconda Fort is majestic and massive. Walk on the inclined pathway to witness the grandness of the fort. You can hire a guide and revel in engaging stories about the fort and its rulers.
  • Charminar: Charminar is a landmark that is directly associated with Hyderabad’s cultural identity. It features intricate architecture and stands proudly in the middle of the market. The Charminar was built in the year 1591 by Qutub Shah. One of the anecdotes surrounding the landmark is that there’s a tunnel that connects the Charminar and the Golconda Fort.
  • Hyderabad Zoo: The Hyderabad Zoo is also known as the Nehru Zoological Park. It is a 380-acre park, which can take one whole day to cover. If you are travelling with kids, the animals kept in large enclosures might appeal to them.
  • Ramoji Film City: Visiting Ramoji Film City is a unique experience. Extravagant film sets and vast gardens await you in one of the largest film studio complexes in the world. You get to see what goes on behind-the-scenes of a movie.
  • Hussain Sagar Lake: A lake in the city can hardly be disappointing. The Hussain Sagar Lake was created in the year 1562. In 2020, the area has become an enjoyable spot for locals and tourists. A short ferry ride will take you to the monolith statue of Gautam Buddha, which is a mesmerising sight in the evenings. 

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