Jharkhand is an Indian state located in the country’s eastern region. It shares its borders with other states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and West Bengal. Earlier, Jharkhand was a part of Bihar. It came into existence in the year 2000. Primarily, it is a rural state and its official language is Hindi. Read ahead to know more about Jharkhand’s public holidays.

Jharkhand Public Holidays List 2021 - Acko

Jharkhand’s public holidays for 2021 are days when most of the offices are closed. These include the government offices as well as private offices. The list of Jharkhand’s public holidays for 2021 is made of major religious festivals, state-specific events, and days of great significance to the country. Jharkhand’s such general holidays are declared by the government authorities.

Public Holidays Calendar in Jharkhand 2021:

People should make a note of Jharkhand’s public holidays list for 2021 so that they can plan to visit the offices accordingly. For the employees, it is a good time to take a break. Here’s a list of public holidays calendar in Jharkhand for the year 2021. Note that this list is an overview and might not be entirely accurate as some of the festivals are based on religious calendars. For a detailed list, you can visit the Jharkhand government’s official website.

Holidays in Jharkhand During January 2021

DayDateHoliday Name
Tuesday26 JanuaryRepublic Day

Holidays in Jharkhand During February 2021

DayDateHoliday Name
Tuesday16 FebruaryBasant Panchami

Holidays in Jharkhand During March 2021

DayDateHoliday Name
Thursday11 MarchMaha Shivaratri
Monday29 MarchHoli

Holidays in Jharkhand During April 2021

DayDateHoliday Name
Friday2 AprilGood Friday
Wednesday14 AprilDr. Ambedkar Jayanti
Thursday15 AprilSarhul
Sunday25 AprilMahavir Jayanti

Holidays in Jharkhand During May 2021

DayDateHoliday Name
Thursday13 MayEid-ul-Fitr
Wednesday26 MayBuddha Purnima

Holidays in Jharkhand During June 2021

No public holidays in Jharkhand during June 2021.

Holidays in Jharkhand During July 2021

DayDateHoliday Name
Tuesday20 JulyBakri Eid

Holidays in Jharkhand During August 2021

DayDateHoliday Name
Sunday15 AugustIndependence Day
Thursday19 AugustMuharram
Monday30 AugustJanmashtami

Holidays in Jharkhand During September 2021

No public holidays in Jharkhand during September 2021.

Holidays in Jharkhand During October 2021

DayDateHoliday Name
Saturday2 OctoberGandhi Jayanti
Wednesday13 OctoberMaha Ashtami
Thursday14 OctoberMaha Navami
Friday15 OctoberVijaya Dashami
Tuesday19 OctoberEid-E-Milad

Holidays in Jharkhand During November 2021

DayDateHoliday Name
Thursday4 NovemberDiwali
Wednesday10 NovemberChhath Puja
Friday19 NovemberGuru Nanak Jayanti

Holidays in Jharkhand During December 2021

DayDateHoliday Name
Saturday25 DecemberChristmas

Public Holidays Calendar in Jharkhand 2020:

Public Holidays in Jharkhand During January:

DayDateHoliday Name
Sunday26-JanRepublic Day

Public Holidays in Jharkhand During February:

DayDateHoliday Name
Friday21-FebMaha Shivratri

Public Holidays in Jharkhand During March:

DayDateHoliday Name

Public Holidays in Jharkhand During April:

DayDateHoliday Name
Monday6-AprMahavir Jayanti
Friday10-AprGood Friday
Tuesday14-AprDr. Ambedkar Jayanti

Public Holidays in Jharkhand During May:

DayDateHoliday Name
Thursday7-MayBuddha Purnima

Public Holidays in Jharkhand During July:

DayDateHoliday Name
Friday31-JulBakri Eid

Public Holidays in Jharkhand During August:

DayDateHoliday Name
Saturday15-AugIndependence Day

Public Holidays in Jharkhand During October:

DayDateHoliday Name
Friday02-OctGandhi Jayanti
Saturday24-OctMaha Ashtami
Sunday25-OctMaha Navami
Monday26-OctVijaya Dashami

Public Holidays in Jharkhand During November:

DayDateHoliday Name
Friday20-NovChhath Puja
Monday30-NovGuru Nanak Jayanti

Public Holidays in Jharkhand During December:

DayDateHoliday Name

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Note: This list applies to Jharkhand and the following areas.

  • Jamshedpur
  • Dhanbad
  • Ranchi
  • Bokaro Steel City
  • Deoghar
  • Chakradharpur
  • Phusro
  • Hazaribagh
  • Giridih
  • Ramgarh

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Top Festivals of Jharkhand:

Here’s a list of popular festivals celebrated in Jharkhand.

Sarhul: Sarhul is a spring festival. It is held when the flowers of the Saal tree blossom. Deities are worshipped using the Saal leaves during Sarhul. This festival brings happiness to the people and it is celebrated for weeks.

Chhath Pooja: This festival also goes by the name of Surya Shashti. Chhath Pooja involves worshipping and thanking Lord Surya or the Sun God and requesting for wish-fulfilment. This Hindu festival brings the people of Jharkhand together as it is widely celebrated.

Bhagta Parab: This is a tribal festival. It involves worshipping Budha Baba. The entire day is spent worshipping and fasting, and the evenings are dedicated to celebrations. The Chhau dance is a speciality during the festival.

Tusu Parab or Makar: Tusu Parab or Makar is a harvest festival mostly celebrated by people belonging to Bundu, Tamar, and Raidih locations. Girls who are not yet married participate in the festival, they sing songs and dance to celebrate life.

Karam: Karam is another tribal festival of Jharkhand. It is dedicated to the God of Youth – Karam. Youngsters venture in the jungle to collect wood, fruits, and flowers for the pooja during Karam. People celebrate this festival by singing and dancing to local tunes.

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