Manipur is one of India’s amazing north-eastern states. The state connects India with Myanmar. As a result, it is an important trade route. Manipur’s economy is primarily driven by agriculture. Forestry, cottage industry and trading also contribute to Manipur’s economy. The north-eastern state is renowned for its handicraft products. Its banking industry plays a crucial role in facilitating transactions. However, there are days when banks have a holiday. Read ahead to know more about bank holidays in Manipur.

Manipur Bank Holidays List 2021 - Acko

Bank Holidays Calendar in Manipur 2021:

Here are some points to know regarding Manipur’s bank holidays calendar for 2021.

  • Banks in Manipur shall be closed on all Sundays.
  • Second and fourth Saturdays of all months in a calendar year are declared as Manipur’s bank holidays.
  • The list of Manipur’s bank holidays for 2021 is followed by public-sector banks and those belonging to the private sector as well.
  • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Internet Banking features shall be functional on bank holidays.
  • The list of bank holidays in Manipur includes major religious festivals.

Manipur’s Bank Holiday List 2021:

Listed below are the days on which banks in Manipur shall remain closed in 2021. Note that there might be minor changes in the list.

Bank Holidays in Manipur during January

Friday1 JanuaryNew Year’s Day
Saturday9 JanuarySecond Saturday
Saturday23 JanuaryFourth Saturday
Tuesday26 JanuaryRepublic Day

Bank Holidays in Manipur during February

Saturday13 FebruarySecond Saturday
Monday15 FebruaryLui-Ngai-Ni
Saturday27 FebruaryFourth Saturday

Bank Holidays in Manipur during March

Saturday13 MarchSecond Saturday
Saturday27 MarchFourth Saturday

Bank Holidays in Manipur during April

Friday2 AprilGood Friday
Saturday10 AprilSecond Saturday
Wednesday14 AprilCheiraoba
Saturday24 AprilFourth Saturday

Bank Holidays in Manipur during May

Saturday1 MayMay Day
Saturday8 MaySecond Saturday
Thursday13 MayEid-ul-Fitr
Saturday22 MayFourth Saturday

Bank Holidays in Manipur during June

Saturday12 JuneSecond Saturday
Saturday26 JuneFourth Saturday

Bank Holidays in Manipur during July

Saturday10 JulySecond Saturday
Tuesday20 JulyBakri Eid
Saturday24 JulyFourth Saturday

Bank Holidays in Manipur during August

Friday13 AugustPatriot’s Day
Saturday14 AugustSecond Saturday
Sunday15 AugustIndependence Day
Saturday28 AugustFourth Saturday

Bank Holidays in Manipur during September

Saturday11 SeptemberSecond Saturday
Saturday25 SeptemberFourth Saturday

Bank Holidays in Manipur during October

Saturday2 OctoberMahatma Gandhi Jayanti
Saturday9 OctoberSecond Saturday
Wednesday13 OctoberMaha Ashtami
Saturday23 OctoberFourth Saturday

Bank Holidays in Manipur during November

Monday1 NovemberKut
Thursday4 NovemberDiwali
Saturday13 NovemberSecond Saturday
Saturday27 NovemberFourth Saturday

Bank Holidays in Manipur during December

Saturday11 DecemberSecond Saturday
Saturday25 DecemberChristmas

Manipur’s Bank Holiday List 2020:

Bank holidays in Manipur during January:

Wednesday1-JanNew Year’s Day
Saturday11-JanSecond Saturday
Saturday25-JanFourth Saturday
Sunday26-JanRepublic Day

Bank holidays in Manipur during February:

Saturday08-FebSecond Saturday
Saturday22-FebFourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Manipur during March:

Saturday14-MarSecond Saturday
Saturday28-MarFourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Manipur during April:

Friday10-AprGood Friday
Saturday11-AprSecond Saturday
Saturday25-AprFourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Manipur during May:

Friday1-MayMay Day
Saturday09-MaySecond Saturday
Saturday23-MayFourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Manipur during June:

Saturday13-JunSecond Saturday
Saturday27-JunFourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Manipur during July:

Saturday11-JulSecond Saturday
Saturday25-JulFourth Saturday
Friday31-JulBakri Eid

Bank holidays in Manipur during August:

Saturday08-AugSecond Saturday
Thursday13-AugPatriot’s Day
Saturday15-AugIndependence Day
Saturday22-AugFourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Manipur during September:

Saturday12-SepSecond Saturday
Saturday26-SepFourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Manipur during October:

Friday02-OctMahatma Gandhi Jayanti
Saturday10-OctSecond Saturday
Saturday24-OctFourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Manipur during November:

Saturday28-NovFourth Saturday

Bank holidays in Manipur during December:

Saturday12-DecSecond Saturday
Saturday26-DecFourth Saturday
Thursday31-DecNew Year’s Eve

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Note: The bank holidays list is for Manipur and its cities mentioned below.

  • Imphal
  • Kakching
  • Lilong
  • Mayang Imphal
  • Moirang
  • Nambol
  • Samurou
  • Thoubal

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Here are some top tourist spots to visit during your stay in Manipur.

Imphal: Manipur’s capital, Imphal is located amidst the state’s valley. It offers a scenic landscape for tourists. Imphal is at the centre of hills making it a popular tourist spot. Imphal is a famous for the Loktak Lake, Kangla Fort, and Zoological garden.

Ukhrul: This quaint town can be equated to the countryside towns in Europe. Ukhrul is ideal for those who love nature. The scenic city offers lots of hiking and trekking spots. You can also visit the Nillai Tea Estate, Kachou Phung Lake, and Hundung Mangva Cave.

Bishnupur: Bishnupur is home to several temples making it a pilgrimage site. People visit this part of Manipur for its natural beauty and religious significance. Some of the temples in Bishnupur are Jor Bangla temple, Panch Ratna temple and Radha Shyam temple.

Thoubal: Thoubal is another destination in Manipur that offers greenery and mountains. It also has several hiking spots. Thoubal is known for its lakes, namely Ikop lake, Waithu lake and Louis lake. You can also visit the Khongjom War memorial in Thoubal.

Tamenglong: People prefer to visit Tamenglong for its picturesque setting. One can expect waterfalls and lakes in this part of Manipur. Tamenglong is known for the Hornbill bird. Zeilad lake, Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary, and Barak Waterfalls are its frequently-visited destinations.

Other: Some of the other spots that you can include in your tour plan are Churachandpur, Senapati, and Chandel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the meaning of a bank holiday in Manipur?

A bank holiday in Manipur means that the majority of the bank’s branches in the state will remain closed on that day. The bank employees will have a holiday.

Will my debit card work during Manipur’s bank holidays?

Yes, your debit card will work on Manipur’s bank holidays. You can use it to purchase goods and pay for services as usual.

Are all Saturdays bank holidays in Manipur?

Manipur’s banks are closed on the second Saturday and fourth Saturday of the month, not on all Saturdays.

Can I transact using Internet Banking on Manipur’s bank holidays?

Yes, you can transact using Internet Banking as per the terms and conditions on bank holidays.

Are Manipur’s bank holidays different from other Indian states?

Every Indian state has its list of bank holidays. Some holidays might be the same (example – Independence Day) while some might be different (example – Lui-Ngai-Ni) as compared to other Indian states.

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