If you are a parent, then you know the pain of staying miles away from your child. Your child might have the most luxurious room ever but the fact that you are continents away from your ward can make you anxious. However, after the initial emotional burst, one thinks rationally and looks at things practically.

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Sending your child to study overseas is a move in the right direction and you and the child have to deal with the ‘side effects’ of a foreign stay. In such a case, an extensive student travel insurance policy can help to reduce the anxiety levels and manage the financial setbacks associated with the student’s travel-related issues in a foreign land. Read ahead to know more about student travel insurance and understand it in a better manner so that you can make an informed decision for your child.

What is International Travel Insurance for students?

Just as you can avail a travel insurance policy for your foreign trip, an international travel insurance policy for students is a dedicated plan for Indian students travelling abroad for studies. Unlike a trip insurance plan, international travel insurance for students is a long-term policy that lasts for a year or two depending on the course for which the student is travelling to a foreign land.

Importance of Overseas Travel Insurance for students

Overseas Travel Insurance for students results in peace of mind for the students in an unknown land and for the parents in India. An extensive policy acts as a financial cushion in case things go wrong with respect to travel-related issues including health hazards.

Sending a child for overseas studies can take a toll on the finances of the family. In such a scenario, if the child falls ill or is involved in an accident and needs urgent medical care, the expenses associated with such medical treatment can be massive. However, with a comprehensive student travel insurance plan in place, one need not worry about medical expenses as the insurance company provides the necessary financial support.

Some foreign universities have strict rules regarding student travel insurance. Some even stipulate the kind of policy that is required. A student might not be accepted by the university if the travel insurance guidelines are not met. Thus, it is wise to know the university’s requirements regarding insurance coverage and purchase the policy accordingly.

Common Coverage of a Student Travel Insurance Policy

Here’s a list of common coverages under a student travel policy purchased in India:

  •         Cost of medical treatment of illness, injury, etc.
  •         Medical evacuation
  •         Cost of providing a duplicate passport in case of original document
  •         Loss of baggage while traveling
  •         Cost of sending someone from India to the foreign country in case student needs support while facing medical issues
  •         Reimbursement of course fee in case of study disruption due to medical issues
  •         Personal liability

Common Exclusions of a Student Travel Insurance Policy

Here’s a list of common exclusions under a student travel policy purchased in India:

  •         Non-declared pre-existing diseases
  •         Self-inflicted injuries
  •         Intoxication-related issues
  •         HIV/AIDS
  •         War/ Nuclear issues

How to Purchase Student Travel Insurance Policy?

The ideal way to purchase a student travel insurance policy is to do it online. Make sure to compare the coverage and the premium of different options available before purchasing a policy. You no longer have to depend on offline methods of purchasing travel insurance like visiting a travel company’s branch or relying on an agent. Online travel insurance is simple and quick. It is like any other e-commerce transaction. In most cases, the student travel insurance policy can be downloaded instantly once your payment is processed. 

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