Acko Screen Protection Plan Terms & Conditions

The Plan is offered by Acko Technology & Services Pvt. Ltd. It is available with select Mobiles on Amazon and is pre-activated with the delivery of the Mobile phone. This Plan is not valid for refurbished devices or second-hand devices or any purchase on Amazon without Mobile purchase.

1. Plan Eligibility

Acko Screen Protection Plan needs to be purchased along with select mobiles on Amazon (India). The Plan is available only for New Phones purchased on Amazon. It is not valid for refurbished devices or second-hand devices. The plan comes pre-activated with the delivered mobile phone.

2. Plan Benefits

It is a comprehensive screen damage protection plan designed for your peace of mind in case your mobile’s screen gets damaged. The key benefits under the Plan are:

  • Coverage for accidental physical damage of mobile’s screen
  • Free pick-up & drop for repairs.
  • Online tracking of repairs

Acko may also offer alternate modes of claim settlement at its discretion including but not limited to reimbursement of repair cost directly to customer. The insurance coverage provided under the plan is in addition to the coverage provided under the manufacturer’s warranty and is complimentary with the Plan.

3. Plan Term

The Plan term is for one year from the date of delivery of the Phone or until a claim has been raised within the Plan term. Only one claim is allowed during the term of the Plan

4. Plan Exclusions

Mentioned below is the list of exclusions:

4.1. Theft or loss of mobile
4.2. Any damage other than damage to mobile’s screen
4.3. Any damages to the accessories including SIM card, memory card, etc. which are not part of the original mobile
4.4. Cosmetic damages like scratches, dents, or wear and tear
4.5. Any damages reported within 10 days from the delivery of the mobile
4.6. Any damages reported after 7 days from the date of damage
4.7. Plan purchased without purchase of mobile device
4.8. Mobiles that have undergone unauthorized repair
4.9. Damage due to gross negligence

5. Plan Price

Please refer to the following table for the plan’s cost. The price includes GST.

Acko Screen Damage Protection PlanPrice (INR)
For mobile phones priced up to INR 10,000349
For mobile phones priced between INR 10,001-20,000699
For mobile phones priced between INR 20,001-25,000899
For mobile phones priced between INR 25,001-35,000999
For mobile phones priced between INR 35,001-50,0001,499
For mobile phones priced between INR 50,001-70,0001,999
For mobile phones priced above INR 70,0002,999

6. Plan Activation

You do not need to activate Acko Screen Protection Plan separately. Your new mobile is automatically covered under the plan from its date of delivery or after 7 days from its date of purchase in case the date of delivery is not available.

7. Brands Covered under the Plan

Here’s the list of mobile phone brands covered under Acko Screen Protection Plan:

  • OnePlus
  • Xiaomi
  • Samsung
  • Vivo
  • OPPO
  • Apple
  • Nokia
  • Motorola (Except Moto G6 Play, Moto G6 Plus and Moto G6)
  • Honor
  • Lenovo

8. Number of Repairs Allowed

Only one repair under claim for ‘screen damage repair’ can be raised within the plan’s term of one (1) year. The cost of repairing the mobile’s damaged screen will be covered.

9. Claim Documents Required

Acko Screen Protection Plan follows a completely online and paperless process. Hence, no documents are required for raising a claim on You will just have to answer a few questions on in order to raise a claim.

10. Plan Cancellation

Cancellation & Refund is allowed as per Amazon’s terms and conditions for refund/cancellations. The customer has to contact Amazon’s Customer Support to raise a refund request. The refund is processed by Amazon. Currently, plan cancellation is allowed within a defined period under the Amazon Return policy. Thereafter, there is no cancellation allowed and therefore, there is no refund under the plan.
If the customer has lodged a claim or availed any benefit under any of the plan’s benefits any time during the term of the plan, no refund will be available even during the free return period. There is no refund available under the plan after the expiry of the return period. Refund is processed by Amazon.

11. Claim Raise Process

You need to visit to raise a repair request. After you answer a few questions on the website, you need to enter the address from where the damaged mobile needs to be picked up for repair.

12. General Conditions

12.1. Only one claim under accidental damage will be allowed per Mobile phone, irrespective of the decision (approved or repudiated) on the claim. However, multiple repair requests for in warranty repair are allowed.
12.2. As per discretion, Acko may provide either Replacement or cashless repair/reimbursement.
12.3. For Total loss scenario (where the Mobile repair cost is more than the screen repair cost), the Screen Repair value will be reimbursed in the form of Amazon Credits or any other manner as deemed fit by Acko.
12.4. Acko’s liability is only upto the cost of repair of the screen and related labour cost.
12.5. Acko Screen Protection Plan can be availed only through Amazon ( or Amazon App for select Mobile Phones
12.6. The Plan is not valid for refurbished devices or second-hand devices or any purchase on Amazon without the purchase of the Mobile Phone.
12.7. A repair request should be raised on

13. Additional Information

13.1. In case the purchased mobile is replaced by Amazon, the user shall share the new IMEI with Acko. After confirmation, Acko will transfer the Plan benefits to the new device.
13.2. Insurance coverage provided under the Plan is complimentary and in addition to the coverage provided under the manufacturer’s warranty.
13.3. Acko Screen Protection Plan is a charged-one-time product thus the user does not have to pay any charges if they raise a repair request
13.4. If Acko Screen Protection Plan is purchased for someone else (family, friend, etc.), simply update the IMEI of the Mobile on and the benefits shall be available for the Mobile for which the Plan has been purchased
13.5. All refunds in case of return of plan are processed by Amazon as per the Amazon Return/Refund policy.

14. Definitions

14.1. Date of delivery is the date on which Mobile Phone was delivered as per Amazon records or 7 days from the date of purchase otherwise.
14.2. Physical damage is any externally visible destruction or deterioration of the Mobile Screen impacting the functionality of the Mobile Phone.