Complimentary Screen Damage Protection Plan for Moto G6

1. What is the offer?

Get free 12-month Screen Damage Protection Plan (“Plan”) worth Rs.1000 with Moto G6 (“Mobile”) bought on Amazon only on June 5, 2018

2. How to Avail the Offer?

2.1 Buy Moto G6 from Amazon on June 5, 2018
2.2 The Screen Protection Plan would be auto activated for the Moto G6 mobile phone purchased on Amazon after delivery of the phone.
2.3 There is no need to separately activate the Plan by downloading any App or using an Activation Code

3. Eligibility

3.1. The offer is applicable only on purchase of new Moto G6 smartphone bought from Amazon on June 5, 2018
3.2. In case of cancellation or return of the Moto G6 order, the Screen Damage Protection would be auto cancelled
3.3. The Moto G6 IMEI purchased on Amazon is covered under the Plan. The purchaser of the Mobile, as recorded by Amazon or any other person duly authorized by or related to the purchaser may claim the benefits under the Plan.

4. Plan Activation Process

4.1. Plan would be activated on successful payment and delivery of Moto G6 mobile phone purchased on Amazon
4.2. There is no separate process for Plan Activation
4.3. Purchaser of Mobile would receive an email and SMS with the details of the Plan upon successful delivery of the Mobile

5. Terms and Conditions

5.1. The offer is applicable only on purchase of a Moto G6 smartphone.
5.2. Offer Period: Moto G6 smartphone bought on Amazon on June 5, 2018
5.3. The complimentary Screen Damage Protection is being offered by Acko Technology & Service Private Limited (“Acko”)
5.4. Returned transactions, disputed or unauthorized/fraudulent transactions will not be considered for the Offer.
5.5. Acko Technology & Services Pvt. Ltd. and Motorola Mobility LLC reserve the right, at any time, without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, to add/alter/modify/change or vary all of these terms and conditions or to replace, wholly or in part, this offer by another offer, whether similar to this Offer or not, or to extend or withdraw it altogether.
5.6. Any person availing this Offer shall be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.
5.7. Pictures of products shown in the communication sent to the customer either through mailers or advertised on the website, are representative only and may not bear a resemblance to the actual products. None of the parties shall under any circumstances be responsible towards the same.
5.8. This plan is not valid for any products that are either refurbished or purchased by a customer post a return from the first customer, even in unboxed condition.
5.9. Offer will not be available if the Moto G6 order is returned or refunded by the purchaser or if the order for is cancelled by the purchaser or the seller

6. Plan Benefits

6.1. The Plan covers one screen damage repair during the Term of the Plan
6.2. In case of any damage beyond the cost of the screen and associated labor charges, Acko’s liability would be limited to the cost of repair of the screen and associated labor charges only.

7. Plan Term

7.1. The Plan is valid for 365 days from the Mobile purchase date
7.2. Any damage or claim reported after the expiry of the Plan Term shall not be covered under the Plan

8. Plan Exclusions

No payment for any claim under the Plan shall be made for any damage, directly or indirectly for, caused by, arising from or in any way attributable to any of the following:
8.1. Any loss or damage caused by any defects existing at the time of commencement of the Plan Term.
8.2. Any damage other than accidental screen damage
8.3. Any loss of data stored in the Mobile, or costs related to re-creation of such stored data.
8.4. Any loss or damage as a direct consequence of wear and tear or of gradual deterioration due to atmospheric conditions.
8.5. Any service provider charges incurred or any other consequential damage or financial loss incurred from the use of the Mobile following a Theft, Robbery or Burglary.
8.6. Any loss or damage to any accessories, attachments or consumables related to the Mobile.
8.7. Any unexplained or mysterious disappearance or theft, robbery or burglary of the Mobile.
8.8. Any loss or damage to any Mobile put up for rental or hire purposes.
8.9. Any loss or damage to the Mobile covered under this Plan and falling under the terms of any maintenance agreement or warranty provided by the OEM or seller.
8.10. Any loss or damage for which the manufacturer or seller of the Mobile or any other third party is responsible either by law or under contract.
8.11. Wilful act or wilful negligence of the Insured or his/her representative.
8.12. Aesthetic defects, including but not limited to dents, scratches on painted, polished or enamelled surfaces, and broken plastic on ports and antennae.
8.13. Any repair request raised within 7 days of delivery of the Mobile
8.14. Any Mobile purchased from any other channel other than specifically mentioned under Clause 3 above.

9. How to raise a Claim

9.1. Customer should raise a Claim under this Plan by visiting
9.2. Registered mobile number as recorded by Amazon or Amazon Order ID or Mobile IMEI will be required for claim registration
9.3. Customer may schedule pick and drop of the device for repair under this Plan by providing the necessary details required at the time of repair registration
9.4. Acko may, at its sole discretion, amend or offer alternate modes of settling the screen damage repair costs with the customer at any time during the term of the Plan

10. Plan Cancellation and Refund

10.1. The Plan would be cancelled upon cancellation or return or rejection of Moto G6 order by purchaser or if the order is cancelled by the Seller
10.2. There is no refund available to purchaser in case of cancellation of the Plan or Moto G6 order