We – you’ll have to agree, are a generation of spoilt brats. Convenience begins with our coffee. An age progressing in the midst of everyday technological revolutions, we’re pampered like princesses. And well, this is not nearing saturation any time soon, there’s plenty of time before they crown us ‘convenience cripples’. So, continuing with the custom, we have added another set conveniences to your already convenient Happay account.

Now your Happay account doesn’t just let you book tickets in a jiffy, it brings along a travel insurance cover that secures your trip through and through.

You wonder what is so amazing about the cover? We assure you that it was crafted in such detail that even a delay in your flight dings a Ka-ching! No, we aren’t messing with you, the scenarios you’re covered for include almost everything. You’d have to be really hapless if you encounter something beyond this, otherwise you can just be Happay!

If you miss your flight
Get hurt or hospitalised

Die or suffer severe injury
Or loss of baggage causes misery

A connecting flight is missed
Delay in baggage has you pissed

You have to cancel a pre-booked trip
A relative visits you if you’re sick

If you accidentally hurt someone around you
If your house is damaged in your absence,
then that’s covered too

And if something goes wrong, file your claim with ease
On the Happay app or the Acko website – it’s such a breeze!