India’s largest bike taxi platform—Rapido—helps people book bike rides to the destination of their choice through a mobile app. Founded in 2015, it is now operational in more than 29 Indian cities and is helping solve intra-city commute issues. Rapido’s partnership with Acko helps secure captains and customers with an insurance that’s easy to access and claim.

We’ve been on a partnership spree these past few months and the latest addition to our growing list of partners is the bike taxi service-Rapido. Now, usually we like to brag a truckload about our product and how it makes your life worry-free but this time we’ve got someone who uses the service regularly to be downright honest and tell you how wonderful it feels to be insured on a bike taxi.

Read on to know Ms. Preetika’s views on Rapido and Acko.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey I am Preetika Rana, and I wasn’t bribed for talking all good about Rapido & Acko for this post. I was just offered coffee and that hasn’t changed my opinion a bit.

Are you a regular Rapido user?

Yes, I live in this remote corner of the city and Rapido is a saviour. It’s economical, quick and saves me from a manager who has punctuality issues.

Who introduced you to Rapido?

Interestingly a cab driver told me about Rapido because I was complaining that I can never find a cab in my area, especially at peak hours.

Do you have suggestions for people who use Rapido?

Oh yes, I am always up for preaching what I practice, so, hear me out-

  1. Always wear your helmet when you hop on to the bike, a protected cranium looks way better than your breezy hair ever will.
  2. Don’t hurry your captain, EVER! He can’t drive o’ drive faster than a bullet.
  3. Cover your face with a scarf or apply make-up in the office restroom (I prefer the latter).

Are you worried about your safety when you take a Rapido ride?

Usually, captains are experienced and drive at a decent pace but sometimes I see driving antics on the road that make me want to ride a drone to work. And that is exactly why I like my rides to be insured.

Does an Acko insured ride calm your nerves?

To know that I don’t have to shell out a fortune if I meet with an accident is great. I can relax a bit instead of being forever ready to jump off the bike. Also, the cover provided by Acko is phenomenal and includes everything from minor OPD expenses to reimbursement in case of death or severe injury, and this has a very calming effect on my jumpy nerves.

Just for our readers, explain the claim registration process.

Thankfully I haven’t had the need to create a claim yet, but I know the process because I’ve explored every nook and corner on the app. To file a claim against your Acko policy, all you have to do is, go to the ‘Your Rides’ section on the Rapido app, click on the ‘Insurance’ option there, select your claim type and upload the relevant documents. There’s also an option to register a claim directly on the Acko website.

Do you have any complaints?

I’m a Creative Director, therefore very fond of complaining. However, I don’t find faults with something that’s pretty perfect, because that’s what dafts do.

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