The world’s largest online bus ticketing platform, redBus lets you book bus rides across 80,000 routes in India with over 1,500 bus operators. Founded in 2006, the company is now a part of the Ibibo group and has been rated as the most trusted brand in the online travel category. With Acko as its insurer, redBus aims to provide the same hassle-free service with insurance as is synonymous with its bus booking.

Dear Blog Visitor,
We’re going to gloat a bit about our new collaboration in the text that follows, so brace yourself. We have just bagged the immense pleasure and business of insuring your RedBus journey (if you book your tickets on the RedBus app), and this is just as kickass for you as it for us because…well plenty of reasons, starting with:

All the above benefits brought to you easy-breezy with just the checking of a box on the redBus app. So, remember to tick it while booking your bus ride. You got so much to gain (refer to all the moolah mentioned above) and nothing to lose. Also, it’s real quick and easy to register your claim through the redbus app or

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