Different people have their own needs for how they wish to use a vehicle. For some, it is just a mode of commuting from one place to another while for some people vehicles, especially cars and bikes are like a family member. They take utmost care of their vehicle be it maintenance or damage repair. We all know that it is important to have an Aadhaar card issued for every Indian citizen. Similarly, every vehicle needs to be registered at a Regional Transport Office (popularly known as RTO). Every region has its own RTO, for example, RTO offices in Chennai Tamil Nadu, Mumbai Maharashtra, Hyderabad Telangana, etc. Just like Aadhaar card is for humans, it is mandatory for every vehicle to be registered under an RTO.

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In this article, details related to the RTOs in Chennai, Tamil Nadu are discussed. Additional information like RTO helpline numbers, services offered, fee structure for these services, etc. is also available. Read on to know more.

Chennai RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

In this section, you will find various Chennai RTO codes and details related to RTO in Chennai. Helpline numbers and addresses can be used to get your queries solved. You can also avail various services offered by these RTOs by personally visiting the given addresses.

Ayanavaram RTO: Central Chennai TN-01 – Contact Number:

Find the details of RTO Chennai central below:

RTO Code/Number:TN-01
Office Address:Regional Transport Office, Chennai (Central), No.4, Anderson Road, Ayanavaram, Chennai.
Helpline Number:044-26745959
Email ID:[email protected]

Anna Nagar East RTO: North West Chennai TN-02 – Contact Number:

Find the details of Chennai North-West RTO below:

RTO Code/Number:TN-02
Office Address:Regional Transport Office, Chennai (North-West), Plot No.3623, New Avadi Road, Anna Nagar East, Chennai.
Helpline Number:NA
Email ID:[email protected]

Tondiarpet RTO: North East Chennai RTO: TN-03 –  Contact Number:

Find the details of Chennai North-East RTO below:

RTO Code/Number:TN-03
Office Address:Regional Transport Office, Chennai (North-East), No.147, Balakrishna Street, Thiruvetriyur High Road, Tondiarpet, Chennai.
Helpline Number:044-25911133
Email ID:[email protected]

Pulianthoppu RTO: East Chennai RTO: TN-04 – Contact Number:

Find the details of RTO Chennai East below:

RTO Code/Number:TN-04
Office Address:Regional Transport Office, Chennai (East), Power Mills Road, Pulianthoppu, Chennai.
Helpline Number:NA
Email ID:[email protected]

Kolathur RTO: North Chennai RTO: TN-05 – Contact Number:

Find the details of RTO Chennai North below:

RTO Code/Number:TN-05
Office Address:Regional Transport Office, Chennai (North), No.9, Inner Ring Road, Sastri Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai.
Helpline Number:NA
Email ID:[email protected]

Mandaveli RTO: South East Chennai RTO: TN-06 – Contact Number:

Find the details of Chennai South East RTO:

RTO Code/Number:TN-06
Office Address:Regional Transport Office, Chennai (South- East), No.4 VC Garden II Street, Mandaveli, Chennai.
Helpline Number:NA
Email ID:[email protected]

Thiruvanmiyur RTO: South Chennai RTO: TN-07 – Contact Number:

Find the details of RTO Chennai South:

RTO Code/Number:TN-07
Office Address:Regional Transport Office, Chennai (South), No.38 East Coast Road, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.
Helpline Number:NA
Email ID:[email protected]

K.K.Nagar RTO: West Chennai RTO: TN-09 – Phone Number:

Find the details of RTO Chennai West:

RTO Code/Number:TN-09
Office Address:Regional Transport Office, Chennai (West), No.1 Bharathidasan colony, K.K.Nagar, Chennai.
Helpline Number:NA
Email ID:[email protected]

Virugambakkam RTO: South West Chennai RTO: TN-10 –  Contact Number:

Find the details of Chennai South West RTO:

RTO Code/Number:TN-10
Office Address:Regional Transport Office, Chennai (South-West), No.47& 49 Kaliamman Koil Street, Sai Nagar, Virugambakkam, Chennai.
Helpline Number:044-24797722
Email ID:[email protected]

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RTO Fees in Chennai:

Every Regional Transport office needs money to provide different services. Thus, they charge fees depending upon the nature of a service you are availing. The fee structure is not unified throughout India. The following section will help you understand more about the amount you need to pay for availing a particular service in the Regional Transport Office in Chennai. Take a look at the following RTO fees in Chennai:

1. Driving Licence Fees:

This is one of the most popular services offered by an RTO. refer to the following table for driving licence fees in Chennai:

Issuing the learner’s license (Application Form 3) for all classes of vehicles.150
Learner’s license test (Each attempt).50
In case of test or repeat test, as per the situation (for all classes of vehicles).300
Issuing the driving license.200
Issuing the International Driving Permit.1000
Adding a class of vehicle to an existing drivers licence.500
Endorsement or renewal for carrying hazardous goods in a vehicle.100
Driving licence renewal200
Driving licence renewal after the grace period.300
Issuance or renewal of a licence to a driving school.10000
Issuance of a duplicate licence to a driving school.5000
For appeals against the orders of licensing authority as per rule 29.500
Making changes in existing records. 200

2. Chennai RTO Registration Charges:

The different classes of vehicle attract different amounts of fees for registration. Here is the fee structure for vehicle registration in Chennai.

Class of vehicleFee (Rs.)Road Safety Tax (Rs.)Life Time Tax/Qly Tax (Rs.)Service Charge (Rs.)
Car6001500Under 10 lakhs is 10%Over 10 lakhs is 15%200
LGV(less than 3000 Kg/GVW)10001500Rs.19200/-200
Auto-rickshaw10001500For five years Rs.1400/-200
Taxi10001500Under 10 lakhs is 10%Over 10 lakhs is 15%200
Maxicab (More than 6 Sq.mt)10001500Under 10 lakhs is 10%Over 10 lakhs is 15%200

3. Fitness Certificate Charges:

Documents like Form-CFA for a new vehicle, Form-CFRA for other vehicles, Registration Certificate (RC), vehicle insurance, permit if applicable, UC certificate, and tax certificate should be produced for availing a fitness certificate for the vehicle. Here is the fee structure:

Type Of VehicleFee (Rs.)Service Charge (Rs.)

4. Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles):

Commercial vehicles that carry either goods or passengers or both require special authorisation from the State Government for plying such vehicles in India. This rule is as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Permits can be of various types including, Contract carriage permit, Stage carriage permit, Goods carriage permit, Educational service vehicle permit, and Private service vehicle permit. Here is the fee structure:

Type Of PermitFee (Rs.)Service Charge (Rs.)Total Fee (Rs.)
Goods Permit13501001450
National Permit100020016500

5. Chennai RTO Performance Standard: 

RTOs in Chennai work according to standard procedure. The time taken for carrying out various activities is not drastically more or less as compared to other RTOs in the country. Here is a list of services and the time taken to complete the services.

ServicesTurnaround Time
AITP Authorisation/RenewalFew Hours
Counter Signatures of Goods VehicleFew Hours
Grant of Driving LicenceFew Hours
Grant of Learner’s LicenceFew Hours
Grant/Renewal of CC Permit (Buses)Few Hours
Grant/Renewal of Local Permit for Goods VehicleFew Hours
Grant/Renewal of National PermitFew Hours
Hypothecation7 Days
Hypothecation Removal3 Days
NOC (No Objection Certificate)3 Days
Registration (Commercial) 24 Hours
Registration (Private)24 Hours
Stage Carriage Permit RenewalFew Hours
Supplicate of Registration Certificate24 Hours
Supplicate Permit (All Vehicles)Few Hours
Temporary PermitFew Hours
Transfer of Ownership48 Hours

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Functions of Chennai RTO:

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous services provided by an RTO contrary to the popular belief that in Chennai only Chennai vehicle registration details will be available. Here are the services provided by Chennai RTO:

1. License Services

All services related to a driving license are available at Chennai RTO. Issuance of learner licence, driving licence, duplicate driving licence, renewal of driving licence, adding another class of vehicle in existing driving licence, change of address in driving licence, and international driving permit are done at Chennai RTO.

2. Vehicle Services

Different services related to vehicles like issuing temporary and permanent registration certificates (RC), changes in registration documents, changing the address mentioned on the RC are done here. Additionally, transfer of vehicle’s ownership, fitness certificate for the vehicle, renewal of RC, no objection certificate, etc. can also be done at the Chennai RTO. Services related to hypothecation can be availed here.

3. Permit Services

Various types of permits like contract carriage permit, goods carriage permit, stage carriage permit, educational service vehicle permit, and private service vehicle permit for vehicles are issued at these RTOs.

4. Fancy Number Booking

A vehicle owner can choose a registration number for his/her car to an extent. Such a number can be requested at the time of registration. These fancy numbers can be requested at any Chennai RTO.

5. eChallan

eChallans are receipts issued by authorities when people do not follow traffic rules. Such challans or penalties need to be paid within a specified time limit. The penalty may increase if a person fails to make a payment against challans. These payments can be made at Chennai RTOs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a list of queries that you may have after reading the information given above. In case of doubts please get in touch with your nearest RTO.

Which documents are required for the registration of a vehicle in Chennai RTO?

> One may require the following set of documents while getting a vehicle registered at an RTO:
> Application form
> Sales certificate
> Roadworthiness certificate
> PAN card of the owner
> Insurance policy 
> Address proof
> Photographs
> Life Time Tax receipt for Non-Transport Vehicle
> Weight Certificate
> Permit (if applicable)
> Temporary Registration Certificate (if applicable)

When will I receive the registration certificate of my vehicle after I complete the registration process?

You will receive the registration certificate of your vehicle within a few days because the RC will be dispatched via post within 24 hours of registration.

Why should hypothecation be cancelled and what is the process for it?

Hypothecation should be cancelled after paying off a loan taken for buying a car. This process will get the ownership of the car transferred in your name. To cancel the hypothecation, you need form 35, NOC from your financer, original RC and PUC, tax receipts, etc.

I received my Learner’s license 20 days back. When can I visit the RTO for getting a Driver’s License?

You should visit the RTO after 30 days of receiving your learner’s license. The applicant should use these 30 days to learn how to drive a vehicle.

How much time does it require to get the Driver License after appearing for the test?

You shall receive the driving license after you successfully pass the driving test. You will most likely receive the license on the same day of your test.

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