An RTO office is like a central hub where one can avail tonnes of services starting from getting a learner’s license, RC transfer, to getting a vehicle’s registration number. These services are available for both – private as well as commercial vehicles. In this article, you will find information related to RTO offices in Delhi, and all other details like helpline numbers, fee structure, information of specific services, etc. Read on to know more:

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Delhi RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

Each RTO Delhi office has a unique code that gets assigned to vehicles which get registered here. RTO is responsible for managing the services related to driving licences, registration of vehicles, the fitness of vehicles, RC transfer online, and much more. In this section, you will find details like Delhi RTO code list, helpline numbers, office address, etc. Let’s take a look at this information:

Delhi Mall Road RTO DL-01 – Contact Number: 

Find the Delhi Mall Road RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-1
Office Address:Deputy Director’s Zonal Office  @ Mall, Delhi
Phone:011 23819191
Helpline Number:011 23819192

New Delhi RTO DL-02 – Contact Number: 

Find the RTO new Delhi code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-02
Office Address:Deputy Director’s Zonal Office 3,@ Tilak Marg in New Delhi 
Phone:011 23378877
Helpline Number:011 23378886

Sheikh Sarai RTO: South Delhi DL-03 – Contact Number: 

Find the South Delhi RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-03
Office Address:DDA Market, Sheikh Sarai, South Delhi, Delhi.
Helpline Number:NA

Janakpuri RTO: West Delhi DL-04 – Contact Number: 

Find the West Delhi RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-04
Office Address:Janakpuri, West Delhi, Delhi
Phone:011 25551618
Helpline Number:011 25531002

Shahdara RTO: East Delhi DL-05 – Contact Number: 

Find the East Delhi RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-05
Office Address:Loni Road, Shahdara, East Delhi, Delhi
Phone:011 22813475
Helpline Number:011 22813475

Central Delhi RTO DL-06 – Contact Number: 

Find the Central Delhi RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-06
Office Address:Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi
Helpline Number:NA

Mayur Vihar RTO: East Delhi DL-07 – Contact Number: 

Find the East Delhi RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-07
Office Address:Mayur Vihar, East Delhi, Delhi
Helpline Number:NA

Wazirpur RTO: North West Delhi DL-08 – Contact Number: 

Find the North West Delhi RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-08
Office Address:Wazirpur, North West Delhi, Delhi
Helpline Number:NA

Janakpuri RTO: South West Delhi DL-09 – Contact Number: 

Find the South West Delhi RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-09
Office Address:Palam, Janakpuri, Delhi
Helpline Number:NA

West Delhi RTO DL-10 – Contact Number: 

Find the West Delhi RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-10
Office Address:Palam, Janakpuri, Delhi
Phone:011 25163616
Helpline Number:011 25163616

Rohini RTO: North West Delhi DL-11 – Contact Number: 

Find the North West Delhi RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-11
Office Address:Rohini, North West Delhi, Delhi
Helpline Number:NA

Vasant Vihar RTO: South West Delhi DL-12 – Contact Number: 

Find the South West Delhi RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-12
Office Address:Vasant Vihar, South West Delhi, Delhi
Helpline Number:NA

Surajmal Vihar RTO: East Delhi DL-13 – Contact Number:

Find the East Delhi RTO code below:

RTO Code/Number:DL-13
Office Address:Surajmal Vihar, East Delhi, Delhi
Helpline Number:NA

RTO Fees in Delhi:

The structure for RTO fees in Delhi is described in this section. Read on to understand the fee you need to pay for availing each of the following services:

1. Driving Licence Fees: 

A driving license is one of the most important documents with respect to driving a vehicle. All types of vehicles plying on the road require its driver to bear a driving license. It is also considered as an identity proof of the person. Nowadays, a driving license comes in the form of a smart card that holds the biometric information of its owner. Issuing these licenses is one of the functions carried out by an RTO. Here is a list of Fees for different services related to driving licence in Delhi:

ServiceFee (Rs.)
Learner’s license for 1 class of vehicle500
Learner’s license for 2 classes of vehicle950
Learner’s license for 3 classes of vehicle1400
Learner’s license test (Each attempt).50
Issuing the driving license.400
Adding a class of vehicle to an existing driver’s licence.1150
Endorsement or renewal for carrying hazardous goods in a vehicle.100
Issuing the International Driving Permit.1000
Driving licence renewal400
Duplicate driving license 400
Driving licence renewal after the grace period.1500
Conductor’s licence  200
Conductor’s licence renewal200
Duplicate Conductor’s licence 200

2. Delhi RTO Registration Charges:

It is mandatory by law to get a vehicle registered under an RTO. An unregistered vehicle can attract penalty and/or jail time. Here are the Delhi RTO registration charges:

Registration TypePrice Of The VehicleFuel typeRegistration Fee (% of Price)
IndividualUp to 6 LakhsPetrol4%
IndividualUp to 6 LakhsDiesel5%
IndividualFrom 6 to 10 LakhPetrol7%
IndividualFrom 6 to 10 LakhDiesel8.75%
IndividualMore than 10 LakhPetrol10%
IndividualMore than 10 LakhDiesel12.5%
CompanyUp to 6 LakhsPetrol5%
CompanyUp to 6 LakhsDiesel6.2%
CompanyFrom 6 to 10 LakhPetrol8.75%
CompanyFrom 6 to 10 LakhDiesel10.94%
CompanyMore than 10 LakhPetrol12.5%
CompanyMore than 10 LakhDiesel15.6%
Cost of VehicleMCD Parking Charges (Rs.)
Less than 4 Lakh2000
More than 4 Lakh4000
Passenger Vehicle Type (excluding driver and conductor)Road Tax Per Year (Rs.)
Not exceeding 2305
From 2 to 4605
From 4 to 61130
From 6 to 181915
More than 181915+280/passenger

3. Fitness Certificate Charges:

Having a fitness certificate for a vehicle is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act. The registration of a vehicle will be deemed valid only if a valid fitness certificate is available for the vehicle. Here are the charges one needs to pay for availing various services related to the fitness certificate of a vehicle:

Type of VehicleFee (Rs.)
Heavy Motor Vehicle500
Medium Motor Vehicle400
Light Motor Vehicle300
Three-Wheeled Vehicle200
Duplicate Fitness Certificate250
Type of VehicleLate Fee (Rs.)
First 15 days10/day
After 15 Days20/day
Type of VehicleRe-registration Fee (Rs.)
Heavy Motor Vehicle600
Medium Motor Vehicle400
Light Motor Vehicle300
Imported Motor Vehicles800

4. Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles):

Apart from carrying a driving license, the vehicle that transports passengers and/or goods, needs to seek special authorization from the suitable authorities. This permission is granted in the form of a permit. Permits can be of various types depending upon the type of good/number of passengers, or the geographical stretch in which the vehicle will ply. Here is the list of charges for local and national permits:

Type of PermitType of VehiclePermit Charges (Rs.)Duration (Years)
LocalLight Goods Vehicle20005
LocalHeavy Goods Vehicle25005
NationalLight Goods Vehicle20155
NationalHeavy Goods Vehicle25155

5. Delhi RTO Performance Standard: 

RTOs in Delhi may take more time to process a request as compared to RTOs in other Indian states. It is advised that a person willing to avail any RTO service should avoid doing so until the last minute as the processing time could delay the request even further. Here is a list of RTO services and the time required for processing them. Note that these figures are tentative.

ServicesTurnaround Time
Grant of Driving LicenceSame day
Grant of Learner’s Licence7 days
Grant/Renewal of CC Permit (Buses)5 Working Days
Grant/Renewal of Local Permit for Goods Vehicle5 Working Days
Grant/Renewal of National Permit5 Working Days
Hypothecation Removal30 Days
NOC (No Objection Certificate)3 Days
Transfer of Ownership30 Days

6. Functions of Delhi RTO:

The following functions are described on the Delhi RTO official website. Here is the full list:

  • To carry out various administrative services as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
  • To issue and/or renew a learning license, driving license, and international driving permit.
  • To register different classes of vehicles as per the rules.
  • To issue a trade certificate to vehicle dealers.
  • To issue a local and national permit.
  • To issue the countersignature for vehicles belonging to other states.
  • Create awareness about road safety, especially for school busses.
  • Enforcing the vehicle norms related to emission and safety.
  • Manage inter-state bus terminals.
  • Integrating Metros, Airports, and Railways with road transport.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I got my learner’s license from Delhi RTO, but I wish to learn driving outside of Delhi. Is it possible?

Yes, a learner’s license is valid all over India. You can learn to drive in any Indian state.

I need more time to learn to drive a vehicle. Is it possible to renew the learning license?

Yes, it is possible to renew a learning licence provided a renewal request is made before the date of expiry.

What is the process for obtaining a driving license?

You need to first get a learning license and learn the vehicle you wish to drive for 30 days. Then you can apply for a driving license with proper documentation and reach the office with your vehicle. Your documents will be verified and you need to undergo a driving test. After successfully passing the test and verification of documents, you will receive your permanent driving license on the same day.

I am familiar with driving a vehicle and wish to apply for a license. Is it necessary that I enrol in a driving school?

No, if you wish to drive a private vehicle you can directly approach the RTO and apply for a driving license. However, it is necessary to enrol and avail training from a driving school in case of commercial vehicles.

Is passing a driving test very hard in India? What should I do to prepare for a driving test?

The difficulty level of a driving test is not extremely high in India. However, you need a thorough knowledge of two things: first is how to drive a vehicle and second is knowledge of roads, road signs, traffic rules, etc. You can take up online mock tests for practice.

Can anyone fail the driving test? What should one do if he/she fails the driving test?

Yes, people can fail a driving test. However, one should learn the skill of driving more thoroughly and apply for a retest. You can do so seven days after an unsuccessful test. Use these seven days to master the driving skills.

The details printed on my driving license are incorrect. What should I do?

All applicants are shown the details that will be printed on their driving license at the time of data entry. One should check all these details thoroughly at this time. If the details printed are incorrect, you need to pay the printing fees once again and get the details corrected. It is very important to have correct details on your driving license.

I forgot to renew my driving license. Do I need to pay any fine now?

Yes, you need to pay a fine of Rs. 300 and an additional amount of Rs. 1000 per year for the number of years you delayed the renewal. For example, if Mr A’s license had expired in the year 2015, he needs to pay Rs. 5300 as penalty while getting the license renewed in 2020.

What is the validity of a learning license?

A learning license in India is valid for six months. And the license holder can apply for a driving license anytime after 30 days of obtaining a learning license.

Which documents are required to get a vehicle registered in India?

Depending on the type of vehicle, you will require the following documents for registration:
> Forms 20, 21, 22.
> Insurance policy
> Address proof
> Road Tax receipt
> PAN card of the applicant
> M.C.D parking fees
> Etc.

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