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Cab Voucher T&C
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  1. The Program is organised by Acko for comprehensive private car insurance

  2. Customer should notify Acko prior to any notification/intimation to any other party including any garage, service centre or workshop.

  3. Cab voucher is applicable in case of delay for Own Damage (except theft, partial theft, total loss, & fire) and only in the listed cities (Click for applicable Pin code)

  4. Voucher is applicable only when Acko Picks up/ Tows and service the vehicle in Acko authorized repair/service facility.

  5. Delay shall mean failure by Acko to fulfil the claim settlement within 3 days from the next day of receipt of customer vehicle at the designated repair/service facility.

  6. Customer will get Rs 500/- on daily basis maximum upto for a period of 7 days

  7. Utilization of voucher shall expire on the same day.

What is not covered?

  1. The Offer shall not be valid if the delay in claim processing or repair/servicing or delivery of vehicle is caused by:

  1. Acko shall not be liable for any acts/omissions/damages/claims arising because of the Customer accepting the Offer and accepting the Cab Services.