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How to Pay Challan for Red Light Signal Jumping in India?

Team AckoJul 21, 2021

Violating traffic rules and regulations can be dangerous to you as well as other road users. One such common traffic violation is signal jumping. Ignoring a red light signal can be dangerous as it may lead to fatal accidents, and you will also receive a challan for jumping the signal. Do you know how to pay challan for Red Light Signal Jumping in India? Read on to find out the answer.

Red Light Jump Challan

Challan for Red Light Signal Jump:

Ignoring a red light signal is a serious offence as it can lead to fatal accidents. No matter how late you are running, never ignore a red light. Jumping the red light signal is one of the major causes of accidents in India. If you are caught jumping the red light, the traffic police will instruct you to pull over and ask for the necessary documents. The traffic police will check vital documents such as driving licence, vehicle registration certificate, motor insurance policy certificate and pollution under control (PUC) certificate. Then the traffic police personnel will issue the challan either offline or online.

Nowadays, traffic signals are equipped with CCTV cameras, and the traffic police can remotely monitor and issue challans against red light signal offenders. All-in-all, you should never jump a red light signal as it is dangerous to you and other road users. Also, ignoring a red light can attract hefty penalties.

How to Pay Red Light Jump Challan Online in India?

Now, if you have received a challan for red light jumping, then you should pay the fine within the due date specified by the traffic police. Failing to pay the fine in time will attract additional penalties. You can pay the red light jump challan fine online or offline. But paying the file online is convenient as it saves a lot of time. Follow the below points to pay signal jump challan online:

Online Challan Payment:

  • Log on to the official website of State Road Transport (RTO).

  • Click on the Traffic Violation Payment /Challan Payment option.

  • Next, enter the challan number or vehicle registration number.

  • Pay the exact amount, as mentioned in the challan.

  • Complete the transaction through your debit/credit card, net banking or any other digital payment modes.

  • The soft copy of the receipt will be emailed to you.

Note: Remember to save/print the receipt for future reference.

You can also pay the signal jump challan offline. Below are the points to follow to pay the challan offline:

Offline Challan Payment:

  • Visit the nearest Traffic Police Station.

  • Go to the payment department and enquire about the challan.

  • Pay the challan amount in cash/card or any other available mode of payment.

  • Collect the receipt.

Note: Keep the receipt for future reference.

How to Avoid Jumping/Breaking a Red Light Signal?

You can avoid breaking a red light signal if you are attentive while driving the vehicle on the road. Be cautious while approaching an intersection and pay attention to the signal and watch out for other vehicles crossing the intersection. Below are some points you can follow to avoid jumping the red light signal:

  • Never over speed when you are approaching an intersection. High-speed driving can lead to a collision with the vehicle coming from the opposite lane.

  • Be careful when making a U-turn, and always use the turn indicator. Watch out for other vehicles coming from the opposite side.

  • Spotting a signal light is easy as it is positioned on top of the signal. Always look for the signal lights when approaching an intersection.

  • Service your vehicle at regular intervals so that your brakes are in good condition. Brakes are vital to curb speed and to make an emergency stop.

Fine for Jumping Red light Signal in Different States:

With the amendment of the Motor Vehicles Act, the fine for signal jumping has been increased. Red light jumping will now attract a penalty of Rs. 1,000 as opposed to the previous fine of Rs. 100-300. So, the fine for ignoring the red light remains equal across the country, but the penalty amount might vary depending on the severity of the offense.

Also, if a CCTV camera positioned on the signal detects your vehicle jumping the red light, you will receive a challan for Rs. 1,000. The challan will be mailed to your address. Also, note that the fine amount is the same for all the vehicles.

Although the signal jumping fine is fixed at Rs. 1,000, it doesn’t mean that fine is always the same. Jumping a red light signal is also considered as dangerous driving. If the traffic police come to a conclusion that you were driving dangerously, you can receive a challan amounting up to Rs. 5,000. If you cause an accident by jumping the red light, you might be imprisoned for six months to one year and might also receive a minimum penalty of Rs. 1,000.

Traffic police can also seize your driving license if you're caught breaking the signal. The traffic police have the authority to seize the DL and suspend it for a minimum of 3 months. You will receive an acknowledgement for the same, and the DL will be sent to the court. The court will decide whether to suspend the DL after hearing the case. If the driving license is seized, you will not be able to drive as it is an offense to drive any vehicle without a DL.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now you are well-aware about the dangers and consequences of jumping a red light signal. But if you still have doubts regarding the rules and regulations, refer to the below most commonly asked questions about signal jumping:

1. What is red light signal jumping?

If a vehicle crosses the intersection when the signal is red, it is called red light signal jumping.

2. What is the fine for breaking a red light signal in India?

The updated fine for ignoring a red light at the signal stands at Rs. 1,000. Previously the fine was Rs.100-300.

3. Will I receive a challan if I accidentally jump the red light?

Yes, you will receive a challan even if you accidentally jump the red light. If you cross the intersection when the signal is on red, it is considered as an offense.

4. What happens if I jump a red light, and there are no traffic police personnel at the signal?

In case there are no traffic police personnel at the signal, the chances are the signal is equipped with surveillance cameras. If the cameras detect your vehicles jumping the red light signal, you will still receive a challan for ignoring the red light.

5. Will the traffic police seize my vehicle for signal jumping?

No, the traffic police will not seize your vehicle for jumping the red light. But the traffic police can seize your driving licence, and without a driving license, you cannot drive the vehicle.

6. Can I pay red light signal jumping challan online?

Yes, you can pay the signal jumping challan online by visiting the website of the Road Transport Department (RTO).

7. What details do I need to pay red light signal jumping challan online?

You need to enter the vehicle registration number or the challan number to pay the challan online for red light signal jumping.

8. Can I pay traffic challans at the RTO office?

No, you cannot pay traffic challans at the RTO office. The Regional Transport Office(RTO) offers only driver and vehicle-related services. You can go to the nearest Traffic Police Station to pay the traffic challans.

9. How will I know if I jumped a red light signal?

First, you will see the red light on the signal, which is visible from afar. In case you didn’t pay attention, the traffic police on the signal will stop you for ignoring the red light. And if the signal is equipped with cameras, then you will receive a challan with all the details of the offense.

10. Is red light signal jumping considered as dangerous driving?

If you over speed at an intersection when the signal is red, it will be considered as dangerous driving. Also, if you cause a collision when jumping the signal, it will be deemed as dangerous/reckless driving.


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