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An Epic Festive Run - Celebrate Christmas and New Year in India

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Christmas and New Year are special occasions celebrated by families and friends with great enthusiasm and zeal throughout India. While the Big Day of Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, New Year is celebrated on January 1st. For a long, these two occasions have been accompanied by celebrations, feasts, music, decorations, rejoicing in the company of family and friends, church services, traditional customs, and rituals. Over the years, numerous Christmas and New Year traditions have evolved across India.

Moreover, the spirit of these festivals has been embraced enthusiastically throughout India on account of the diverse cultures and practices of Indians. From decorating Christmas trees, taking part in carol singing, and exchanging gifts and sweets, to visiting churches and temples, celebrating the events has become an integral part of Indian culture. With that, we bring you this article to provide a detailed account of the various traditional Christmas and New Year celebrations in India.




Christmas Celebrations In India

1. Christmas Carol Services

The sound of Christmas carols heralds the Yuletide celebration and highlights the season. Communities celebrate Christmas by organizing Christmas carol services, where hymns, songs, and psalms are sung in churches and other places of worship.

2. Decorating Christmas Trees and Homes

Decorating Christmas trees and homes with strings of lights, bells, traditional evergreen Christmas trees, candles, stars, and a plethora of other decorations has been a long-standing tradition in India, especially in the northern part of the country. Apart from being a symbol of joy and celebration, the Christmas tree also brings with it a feeling of togetherness and unity among family and friends.

3. Exchanging Gifts and Sweets

Exchanging gifts and sweets has been an essential aspect of Christmas celebrations in India. People exchange gifts and share special treats such as cakes and cookies as tokens of love and appreciation. Many families even exchange Christmas cards. Typically, Indians exchange gifts within the family and between close friends.

4. Visiting Churches and Temples

Churches and temples are at the heart of the Christmas celebration in India. People from all faiths, of all ages, and from different parts of the country come together to take part in special masses, prayer services, and nativity plays. People dress in their finest attire and often decorate the entrances of churches and temples with vibrant lights, flowers, and other decorations.

New Year Celebrations In India

1. Visit Temples and Priests

Many people in India celebrate the new year by visiting temples and engaging in prayers with the priests there. This is a popular tradition in south India, where people usually believe that establishing contact with divinity brings positive energy and vibrancy into their lives.

2. Special Pujas or Prayers

Many Indian households organize special puja or prayers on the day of New Year for wealth, peace, prosperity, and success. People light up diyas, burn incense and make offerings to gods and goddesses, seeking eternal blessings.

3. Exchanging Gifts and Sweets

Family members and friends exchange gifts, cards, sweets, and other items to express their love and admiration for one another. Many communities also practice the custom of exchanging these items with those outside the family circle, such as neighbors, colleagues, teachers, and more. This is done to foster a sense of togetherness and to reinforce the bonds of friendship.

4. Special Feasts and Gatherings

Families and friends come together to herald in the New Year with grand feasts. A variety of cuisines, such as continental, Indian, and Chinese dishes, are served during the course of the party. The occasion is also used as an opportunity to catch up with family and friends, share stories, and reminiscence about the past.


Christmas and New Year celebrations are replete with joy, vigor, and enthusiasm. These occasions are an opportunity for families to come together and strengthen their bonds with love and respect. The inherent spirit of these events also transcends language and religious barriers, bringing people from all faiths and walks of life together as one community.

On account of the diverse range of customs and practices, celebrating Christmas and New Year in India offers a truly unique experience. From attending carol services to decorating homes and exchanging gifts, people celebrate these festivals with great fervor and enthusiasm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the responses to the inquiries about observing Christmas and New Year festivities in India.

What are the traditional Christmas and New Year celebrations in India?

The traditional Christmas and New Year celebrations in India involve attending carol services, decorating Christmas trees and homes, exchanging gifts and sweets, visiting churches and temples, performing special pujas or prayers, and organizing special feasts and gatherings.

Where can I find more information about Christmas and New Year celebrations in India?

For additional information about Christmas and New Year celebrations in India, you can refer to websites such as and


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