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Explore the Magic of the Holiday Season with a Visit to These Top Festive Cities Around the World!

Team AckoMay 2, 2023

The holiday season is all about feeling the festive magic of the cities. Everywhere some form of celebration is taking place and color has taken over the streets. Everyone yearns to have the best time of the year and visiting a new city solves just that problem.

In this article, you will find the best festive cities to visit around the world during the holiday season. From the makers of the world-renowned New York City celebration to the ancient ethnicity of Naples, these cities guarantee to make the holiday season magical.




1. New York City

It’s almost mandatory to start the list of the most festive cities to visit during the holiday season with the city of New York in mind. The beauty and lighting that the decorative department brings to the city are unmatchable. With Central Park being among the top destinations to witness holiday bliss, the ride to see such a festive scene is worth every bit.

From the magnificent Rockefeller Christmas Tree to the Holiday Market located in Bryant Park, the enthusiasm for the festive season in this city of skyscrapers is beyond imagination. Even the locals get overwhelmed by the level of spirit the city brings along.

2. Mexico City

If Mexico City was an animated movie, it would be full of lights, colors, and massive decorations. The holiday season around here is no picnic either. From the Plaza Mayor to the Santa Lucia Street, everywhere Mexican culture embraces the spirit of Christmas and holiday magic.

The iconic fireworks show of 'El Día de Navidad' (Christmas Day) is something extraordinary to witness at least once in life. All the visitors gasp with happiness to see the city’s traditional cuisine and cultural elements of the celebration.

3. Munich

The elegance and the beauty of Christmas markets in Munich are something tourists cannot take off their minds. From hot wine and traditional food to lively music and decorations, these markets bring openness to the festivity of the season.

The countdown begins from December 21st to Christmas Eve that involves warm mulled wine, oom-pah music, Bavarian delicacies, and endless festivities. Additionally, the beautiful Christmas lights bring a sweet childlike feeling to the people of the town.

4. Prague

There is yet another vibrant Christmas market in Europe and that is in Prague. The street decorations, ice rinks, and the incredible scent of baked goodies make Prague one of the best Christmas markets.

The Prague market gathers people from around the world and sells it own famous beers such as the 'Hofbrauhaus' alongside mulled wine and other conventional Christmas delights. The enthusiastic street performers, pup-up shops and live music on the market and the Magical square makes it one of the most photographic and unique destinations of this winter.

5. London

London is one of the top places to experience holiday magic. All the outdoor ice skates, beautiful Christmas lights, and the smell of roasted chestnuts open the doorway to the cold season all around the area.

The nearby locations of the city such as Wimbledon or Islington Square host a great festive vibe that engulfs the city centre. The famous Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and the St. Paul’s Cathedral organises exhibitions and light shows that are worth watching.

6. Naples

Naples is one of the beautiful Italian cities that is full of surprise and flavor. One of those surprises is the Naples Presepe which is the most traditional and ancient way of celebrating Christmas. People of all ages gather together to honor the city of Bethlehem which is the symbol of love, joy and peace.

The residents of the city dresses up special from 1st December to the 14th in January and exhibit their best holiday decorations and also perform live concert to celebrate the occasion. This is why Naples stands as a perfect destination for your winter holiday.

7. Vienna

The holiday vibes of Vienna are almost certain for the season. The city is known to be extremely festive, with festive markets and loads of celebration taking place all around.

From the famous “Vienna Christmas World” which predicts to be the biggest and grandest market of this holiday season to the Swarovski crystal land that adds the beauty to the overall scene, Vienna is the ultimate Christmas destination.

8. Reykjavik

The natural beauty and remarkable weather of Reykjavik create an ideal holiday environment. The warmth and hospitality of the city add to the welcoming of Christmas. In Reykjavik, you will get the opportunity to see interesting snow activities such as the Christmas bus tour or the Northern Lights tour.

The most followed event in Reykjavik is the Winter Lights Festival which usually happens around Mid-February and it hosts more than 250 events including concerts, plays, and dance performances.

9. Amsterdam

It’s really hard to find a combination of festive Christmas markets, a good transportation system, and beautiful sceneries like in Amsterdam. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Europe. In Amsterdam, a visit to the largest ice rink in the city the Museumplein is a must.

The festive spirit can be seen all around the city center in the Dutch streets. The parks, creek, and gardens of the town are enlightening with the holiday lights and other decorations. With over 300 restaurants and pubs located in Amsterdam, you will discover an abundance of opportunities to celebrate this cheerful winter.

10. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is perfect for winter visitors who are looking to explore the long-running, Christmas market. The big wheel and buskers create a unique holiday experience by bringing music and live performances to the streets.

Eden Court is a renowned place in the area that puts on fantastic Christmas Theater productions that are one of the most visited events in the city. The traditional and calm streets of Edinburgh are ideal for a special vacation.


From the time-honored culture of Mexico City to the enchanting culture of Vienna city, the world has many great cities to celebrate the joyous festive season. If you are looking for places to explore during the winter season, these are some of the best cities that can light up your holiday experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the solutions to frequently asked questions regarding the top festive countries around the world right here.


What are the best cities to visit during the holiday season?

Some of the best cities to visit during the holiday season are New York City, Mexico City, Munich, Prague, London, Naples, Vienna, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, and Edinburgh. Each of these cities has something unique to offer and they are sure to make your holiday season a memorable one.

Is there anything special about the Vienna Christmas market?

The Vienna Christmas market is one of the most unique and memorable markets in the world. It has a range of traditional food and drinks, such as hot wine and mulled wine alongside Bavarian delicacies, and lively performances from street performers. It also hosts the famous “Vienna Christmas World” which is the biggest and grandest market in the city.

What is the Naples Presepe?

The Naples Presepe is one of the oldest and most traditional ways of celebrating Christmas in the city of Naples. It involves honoring the city of Bethlehem and it usually takes place from the 1st of December to the 14th of January. During this time, the city is filled with vibrant decorations and performances, with locals dressing up in traditional costumes to celebrate the festive season.


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